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SpaceX will soon be sending its Starship on its first-ever orbital flight. This test will involve the insanely powerful 70 meters tall Super Heavy booster as well, which has never made it above the ground. When it is finally fired up, will it cement its claim to the king of all rockets?
Join us as we explore the latest developments of the mighty Super Heavy booster!

The Super Heavy is the booster or lower stage of SpaceX’s mighty spacecraft, the Starship which SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, is hoping to use to dispatch colonizers to Mars, after it has helped the National Aeronautics and Space Administration land its astronauts on the moon.
One crucial requirement of the Starship is that it has to be able to lift heavy payloads to orbit. This is why SpaceX is going all out on the design of the Super Heavy.

It will be the most powerful launch vehicle ever, with a gross mass liftoff mass of over 3 million kg.
When stood up, you would have to step back to see the top of the booster as it is as tall as a 23-story building!
It has a 9-meter diameter, and It is made of steel, the same material as the 50-meter tall Starship that sits atop it.

Previous tests have included only the upper stage. The last one was on May 5th, when the SN15 upper stage prototype launched to an altitude of 10 km before landing safely.
But as SpaceX races to get the Starship ready for its first orbital flight, it has now turned to conduct tests on the Super Heavy itself.
Support facilities for the orbital launch have started to be built at the Starbase site in Boca Chica. There is a massive launch tower that is able to hold the mega-rocket system of both the upper and lower stages. SpaceX has also built several large tanks for storing the liquid oxygen and Methane that the spacecraft prototypes will use as propellant.
The star of the show, however, are the two Super Heavy prototypes that SpaceX is testing. They are the Booster 3 and Booster 4.
Booster 3, which the engineers assembled out there in the open, was rolled out to the launch pad in Boca Chica at the beginning of July.
It would be the first full-scale prototype of the booster to undergo actual testing after it had completed cryogenic pressure tests of its fuel tanks.
The first-ever test of the tall Super Heavy took place on July 19th, when the Booster 3 was fired for the first time in a static fire test. It had three raptor engines attached.
Musk tweeted about the test, saying, “Full duration firing of 3 Raptors on Super Heavy Booster.”
SpaceX’s official tweeter account also immortalized the event, tweeting “First static fire test of Super Heavy booster”, with an accompanying picture of the rockets being fired.
As it was a static fire test, the Super Heavy prototype did not clear off the ground. Even if it eventually lifts off the ground in a future test, Musk has said the Booster 3 wouldn’t fly to space.
The honour will go to the Booster 4, which is already being built a few kilometers away from the launch site in South Texas. It will be the prototype to launch on the first orbital test flight.
However, it is possible we see the Booster 3 in more action, as revealed by Musk when a fan enquired on Twitter. Musk said SpaceX might try a nine-engine firing on Booster 3. But that would depend on the progress made with the Booster 4 that is already under construction.
The number of rocket engines pales in comparison with the total number the Super Heavy prototype that is going to space will use, which will employ 32 Raptor engines
It means we can expect a massive upgrade going from Booster 3 to Booster 4 if Booster 4 is the one to be used for the orbital test flight later in the summer.
SpaceX is used to attaching large numbers of engines to its rockets, as its Falcon Heavy uses 27 Merlin engines for liftoff.

  1. Colonizer is a word that was created to carry a negative connotation so as to deride western Europeans. The word you meant to use is "colonist."

  2. Yep it's game over..Booster 4 It's now being dismantled.. Wow crazy times at Space X becoming the biggest scrapyard for unflown rockets.. Just watched video 3 from. Everyday astronaut and Elon looked and sounded really dejected.. Real. Shame..

  3. What's its emissions like? We will have to move to Mars because of all the Co2 it produces!

  4. Do not understand why Elon musk does not just land the rockets in the water. In water, the rocket will survive even if the landing is not Perfect

  5. The difference: this one is not “running” on subsidized public taxmoney but on private capital! THAT is the actual gamechanger! The public money funded version is about they’re jobs! Solving problems they can loose the job! Private interest and funding is all about pure end result! BIG difference!

  6. This clown is KILLING our planet, HE IS THE COURSE OF GLOBUL WORMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dear Elon, you are great and doing great things with great means and power…would you consider coming "down to Earth" and use ALL your greatness and help developing a new and revolutionary way of water desalination system? You won't need to bother sending people to Mars as you would have then saved the lives of close to billion people through global fresh water distribution!

  8. SpaceX "wonder weapon"??? Seriously? You lose credibility when you write shit like that. And another "GAME OVER" title? ?

  9. I think someday a flight ticket to mars will be cheap like a airplane ticket today

  10. 6:55 … man that is extraordinary achievement, i hope can see this happened in my entire lifetime… 1000 launches a year

  11. I really hope I live long enough to see how much Elon Musk can accomplish, and hopefully Mars Colonization will be one of them.

  12. Why the rush to get to the moon and Mars now? Is it because the earth's environment is being destroyed?

  13. 3:26 number of engines is 32…

    And what happens if one of them fails? Will the failure mode (e.g. desctructive failure) not create a domino effect to the other engines?

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