GAME OVER! Russia's Plan To DESTROY Elon Musk's STARLINK!


Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla

Elon Musk is not just some ordinary man. He is the CEO of many companies, including the two top ones. Other than that, he is the richest person alive on the planet. The ideas and innovations Musk comes up with and then bringing them to life has put many of its rivals on edge. Currently, SpaceX’s Starlink project is in front of the evil eyes of different space companies, and a move has been made to bring down the internet-providing satellite project.
The SpaceX starlink project is under threat as Russia destroyed one of its own satellites in a missile test. The debris caused by the destruction is on the verge of colliding with the starlink satellites and destroys them completely. Now the question is whether Russia has its own reasons for the satellite blast or was it planned to bring down the Starlink?
Before we answer the question, let’s have a look at the SpaceX starlink project. Starlink is the name of a satellite network being developed by SpaceX to bring low-cost internet to remote areas. Starlink is excellent for places of the world where connectivity has been problematic in the past. Starlink, which is unrestricted by traditional ground infrastructure, can deliver high-speed broadband internet to places where it was previously unstable or unavailable. It is a network of space satellites that will cover the entire globe. The constellation of 1730 launched starlink satellites is presently giving broadband connection in certain locations around the world as part of a beta-test phase. Recently some more satellites have been launched taking the number to 1844 and still thousands more will be launched in the future.
This network will be like a constellation and it has caught the eye of not only its users but also the rivals. Jeff Bezos, who has launched a same project, has criticized Starlink for sending too many satellites and making the space, a mess for other satellites. In addition, the Amazon CEO has filed a lawsuit against Starlink for launching an excessive number of satellites. Because of the Starlink internet, not only Jeff Bezos, but also other internet service providers, feel left out.

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  1. Hope Elon Musk can invent a machine to monitor the Orbit, collect those debris, process those debris into space building material. This will take care of the Orbit and also reduce the cost of build space buildings.

  2. Video footage doesn't match explanation of audio footage, like a bunch of random video thats not really aligning to the audio… kinda cheap

  3. Elon Musk could turn his attention to ways of improving functionality of communication and their link to weapons, machines both defensive and offensive from defenders satellites placed in orbit or remotely or autonomously programmable defence mechainisms eh??????

  4. Both CCP & RUSSIA are rattled because their CENSORSHIP of their own people will fall apart. STARLINK will be near impossible to Block.

  5. Tesla needs to defend its self with its own systems, probably maned with rail gun tech , also chain gun defence for close quarters defences , solar arrays could change up the rail gun capacitors , the need to have a system that can collect unwanted satellites that can’t be moved into decaying orbits could be overseen by allowing a observer from the county who wants to recover or decommission them, to be onboard when the task is carried out , costly yes. But the trust knowing the owner has his own personal on board is best way, the star ship is an ideal platform to do this and maintain all the year round cover for every one to use , this must be the best way to resolve the current table thumping ?

  6. There are companies which clean up space debris. As this type of thing happens ( more space debris being created) These companies will grow and more will come up.

  7. Before any major space program can be implemented, all space junk have to be removed. It already had caused the death of several astronauts.

  8. Time to cleanup our space junk , Telsa to governments can make it happen and then remove the politic and security threats of shooting down satellites.

  9. I think, Elon needs to speed up his Mars Project… Before all the Knuckle Dragging Governments create, Hazardous conditions… Then no one will be able to leave Planet Earth…

  10. Brother Elon needs to invent some kind of Space Vacuum's to clean up all this debris in orbit! Put on your thinking cap Elon and continue to amaze the World. Best Wishes! 👍

  11. Not smart thing to do from the Russians in destroying their own satellite, as the video shows this can cause chain reaction to even destroy their own satelites and others.

  12. <<Good work mate, I feel those who would allow the market dynamism to determine when to trade or not are either new in space in general or probably just naïve, the sphere have seen far worse times than this, enlightened traders continue to make good use of the dip and pump even acquiring more equities towards trading sessions, I'd say that more emphasis should be put into trading, since it is way profitable than holding. Trading went smooth for me as I was able to make over 7.1 BTC after I started at 2.9 BTC in just few weeks implementing trades with signals and insights from 'Cory Bill' I would advise you all to trade your asset rather than holding for a future based on speculations.🚀 🚀.

  13. Great content, thank you.
    8:16 Elon always gathers his information before stating anything public. Smart man. Russia, sore losers! FORCE Russia to pay damages & clean up.Wonder what sleepy Joe will regurgitate 🤔

  14. Surely the Soviets knew what they were doing? I have heard there are plans or concepts to put up satellites that can collect space debris. We need to finalize those concepts. Sounds like a job for Elon Musk.

  15. Russia was not thinking about the future when they launch their missile to a satellite This could cause grave problems problems later on from now on Is everyone should launch a satellite with is with a deorbiting engine

  16. This Russian satellite destruction, as was the Chinese satellite destruction years ago, is actually crime against humanity

  17. There was absolutely no reason for Russia or China or India to have conducted such tests when they could have placed a Target object in such low earth orbit that even tiny particles would have been disintegrated by re-entry shortly after the test. The most likely reason for Russia having done this at this particular time is to be an outright assault and attack on Elon Musk personally to create high-risk situation for his existing satellites and and inhibit his continued construction of his satellite constellation. They would have done this because Elon Musk embarrass them and it made them look like fools in front of the world because they refused to work with him in his initial attempts to purchase Rockets so in a few short years he went on to become the leading rocket engineer Builder and the leading company in all of space activities making the Russians look totally impotent this was an attack on Elon Musk first and on starlink second

  18. Russia was just trying to
    Prove a point that whatever the opposition have up there they can still neutralise it with a missile.

  19. US military should tale the Russians out of ISS and tale down one of there instalation somewere !!! So they get the message !!!

  20. It is good it happened now not in a few years. It highlights a future problem. Space x will design systems to better avoid space junk.

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