GAME OVER! Elon Musk BETRAYED Tesla's Cybertruck Amid New Final Updates


Tesla Cybertruck CEO Elon Musk said Thursday in an exchange with fans on Twitter that there’s “always some chance” his company’s forthcoming Cybertruck will “flop.” Nonetheless, Musk plans to keep the Cybertruck “production design” almost exactly the same as its show car — a giant metal trapezoid.
But he also said he “doesn’t care” about any risk that the Cybertruck could flop, because he personally loves its design.
He wrote, “To be frank, there is always some chance that Cybertruck will flop, because it is so unlike anything else. I don’t care. I love it so much even if others don’t. Other trucks look like copies of the same thing, but Cybertruck looks like it was made by aliens from the future.”
The Cybertruck’s 2019 launch event caused a stir due to the unusual design of the vehicle and because Musk asked Tesla design leader Franz von Holzhausen to try to smash the vehicle’s windows, which he did. Von Holzhausen threw a metal ball at one of the windows, surprising Musk when the glass shattered, though it stayed in place.
Despite the launch snafu and the uncertainty about when Tesla can start delivering the Cybertruck, the $100 orders poured forth. Musk boasted the company saw 250,000 within about a week of the Cybertruck’s debut.
In September at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting and Battery Day event, Musk disclosed that Tesla had received so many Cybertruck orders that the company stopped counting. “The orders are gigantic,” he said, ”well over half a million orders. I think maybe six hundred thousan, it’s a lot, basically. We stopped counting.”
He wrote, “In the end, we kept production design almost exactly the same as the show car. Just some small tweaks here & there to make it slightly better. No door handles. The car recognizes you & opens the door. Having all four wheels steer is amazing for nimble handling & tight turns!”
The four-wheel steering feature, if it comes through as promised, would make the Cybertruck more directly competitive with the GMC Hummer EV, which already boasted a “crab mode” feature.
Musk did not comment on the Tesla Cyberquad, an ATV product that was meant to accompany the Cybertruck.
In the company’s first-quarter investor presentation, Tesla labeled the Cybertruck still “in development.” The company is expected to deliver a progress update and second-quarter results on July 26.
Tesla Cybertruck Redesign.
Also, On Twitter, Musk’s favorite social media platform, the CEO wrote that the car’s doors would not have handles. Instead, it would simply recognize the owner and open the door. He also said that the Tesla team was planning to retain the same design as the one that was displayed during its 2019 launch. “Just some small tweaks here and there to make it slightly better,” he wrote.
When it was launched, the truck’s unconventional trapezoidal design and yoke, instead of a steering wheel, drew puzzled responses from analysts and Tesla watchers. Toni Sacconaghi, senior technology research analyst at Bernstein, wrote that the cybertruck was “weird. like, really weird.”
But the launch event’s highlight was the shattering of a demo Cybertruck’s glass windows by Tesla design leader Franz von Halzhausen with a metal ball. Musk had said the glass windows could withstand bullets from a 9mm handgun.
As with most Tesla products, however, the public lapped up the truck and immediately submitted the $100 pre-order amounts. Musk, not one to shy away from free publicity, touted the numbers at public events and on Twitter.
He wrote, “Other trucks look like copies of the same thing, but Cybertruck looks like it was made by aliens from the future.” With a starting price of $39,900 for a rear-wheel-drive model, the truck is slated to start production later this year.
A Market Dominated by Established Car Makers
According to sales data from Motor Intelligence, pickup trucks constituted 20.1% of total sales of new cars last year. The market for pickup trucks is dominated by established car makers. With a 36.1% share of the overall market, General Motors Company led the market, and Ford Motor Company was second with a 33.8% market share.
Even as Tesla is gearing up to manufacture its truck, Ford has already raced past it to launch all-electric versions of its pickups. It released an all-electric version of the F-150, its best-selling gasoline-powered truck, earlier this year. General Motors also entered the market with its GMC Hummer EV, slated for delivery in 2023. While it does not feature the unconventional design of Tesla’s vehicle, Ford’s all-electric truck has been well-received by the market. A startup, Rivian, has also entered the all-electric pickup truck fray with the R1T, which delivers a range comparable to Tesla’s Cybertruck and also qualifies for a federal tax credit.
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  1. I really enjoy my Prius as we spend a lot of time driving between Utah and California I can drive 500+ miles and then recharge (with gasoline) in 5 minutes. I get over 40 miles of battery only range in the city which means my overall MPG is 60+MPG.
    My biggest nut to crack with any BEV is battery range and charging time. This is especially a concern with a truck, as when we go off road I don't see a lot of Superchargers. Will the Cybertruck come with a really long extension cord, or do I need to find a currant bush to plug into? We spend a lot of time in canyon lands and the San Rafael Swell and my fear is, after driving 250-400 miles to get to the begining of our off road destination, will I run out of Battery in the middle of the desert? I always stop at a gas station fill a 5 gallon gas can and get gas and extra water just before we hit the dirt. This usually means a 10 minute stop. On a quick weekend trip, taking an hour or more to recharge really is an inconvience. Is there any cure for this problem, or do I just have to buy a Hybrid truck like the F150 or Jeep products?
    I do love the telescoping camper cover with telescoping solar panels If I could buy one today, to fit my Tundra I would!

  2. No way it flops.
    2 million orders and I want mine yesterday!! Cybertruck has built in products that most truck owners buy after market.
    Cybertruck is the safest vehicles ever produced, coolest looking, fastest and the list goes on. Cybertruck will Rock the market and Elon knows it; don’t kid yourself?

  3. Man… not cool using click baits… do you even done some homework…. How many company's are investing billions in manufacturing, big auto are just using off the shelf stuff keeping innovation at minimum and are not making money, selling their's ev's… how long you think they will resist to this business model…??…

  4. Please understand nothing is bullet proof, every material deteriorates with each impact. Glass can be made to withstand Great impact, but will eventually to Deteriorate. The same goes for stainless steel or any other material. The term impact resistant or bullet resistant is more factual.

  5. Can't flop. No other electric truck offers as large of supercharger network. ICE trucks have become way overpriced. ICE fuel costs cannot compete against the relatively free electricity. The CyberTruck will have twice the trunk of any Tesla available. Can't flop.

  6. Funny how people making videos about Tesla and Elon don't undestand his mindset at all. He loves the story of the underdog that prevails in the end. He loves commitment and conviction and therefore he says even he nobody liked it I would still love it. I stand by my product and this fucking moron who made the video talks about betrayal. Man if you don't undestand Tesla and Elon just quit.

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