Furuno BBWX1 Satellite Weather Sensor for Navnet- Sirius Marine Weather Satellite Network

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Furuno BBWX1 Satellite Weather Sensor for Navnet Network, using Sirius Marine Weather Satellite Network.

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Keeping track of weather is easier than ever with Furuno BBWX1 satellite Weather sensor for NavNet vx2 and NavNet 3D! Furuno and Sirius have teamed up to bring you live, up-to-date weather information and forecasting to give you peace of mind, no matter when or how you are using your boat. The weather information is obtained from the weather industrys leading experts and is delivered via digital receiver through Sirius Marine Weather services.

You have the ability to receive high-quality and comprehensive weather information and forecasting that you can overlay onto your C-Map MAX charts (NavNet vx2) or NOAA raster and vector charts (NavNet 3D). You will be provided with premium weather content, such as current weather reports, NOWRad® nationwide high resolution weather radar imagery and high-resolution Sea Surface Temperature images that can help fishermen locate hot spots. Now you can have your weatherman with you 24/7 with your TRUE color Radar/Chart Plotter and Sirius Marine Weather!

Satellite weather receiver service is available for NavNet vx2 7″, 10.4″ and Black Box units, as well as all NavNet 3D models. Requires Sirius weather service subscription, sold separately

Furuno BBwx1 Standard Features:
Works with all C-Map versions of NavNet vx2 7″, 10.4″ and Black Box units
Up-to-the-minute weather forecasting at sea
Satellite Sea Surface Temperatures
Animated NOWRad® weather radar
Pressure isobars and frontal boundaries
Squall lines and surface pressure
Wind forecasts using wind barbs or arrows
Marine text forecasts
Lightning strike reports & storm tracking
Buoy reports
Wave height forecasts
Antenna included
Power Requirements:

9 to 32 VDC, 7W

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  1. Furuno BBWX1 Satellite Weather Sensor is a terrific addition to your Navnet network. The Furuno BBWX1 requires a monthly fee to Sirius Satellite Weather Service for about $25 – $39 per month. You can take the Furuno BBWX1 Satellite Weather Sensor off the boat and use it at home or in the office.

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