Fix Your Delivery Date! If you moved your Pin, official response on how to get back in line

A LOT of people moved their pin on the Starlink Pre-order page and wrecked their delivery date. I did some digging with Starlink Support and I have their official statement on getting your original delivery order back.

Unfortunately, even with the new rectangle Dishy, production is still slowed by supply chain shortages. This method will at least get you back in the same order as you were, even if the date is still a bit later.

Also some interesting insight into how Starlink Server Areas work, and how SpaceX has divided the Earth into Service Cells to manage their satellite coverage.

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0:00 Introduction to Starlink
2:00 Starlink Preorder Problems!
2:18 Moving your Pin can Wreck your Delivery Date!
3:22 How Starlink Preorder Queue works
5:06 Starlink Preorder Queue Visualized!
7:40 How to Fix your Preorder!
9:59 Optimize your Preorder?
11:27 Deep Dive on Starlink Pre-order

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  1. How large of area is a cell ? Your address would be your house wouldn’t it , I guess if your address could move outside cell if you owned a couple sections of land but how many of us here sit in the middle of thousands of acres , then you would just call him and cut to the chase .

  2. My delivery date did not change when I moved it back to the original position before I dropped my phone and it accidentally updated my location. I originally had a mid to late 2021 and after I dropped my phone and tried to catch it when it updated it it went to mid 2022. So I moved it back to my original location and that still has not changed me back to my original delivery time frame of mid to late 2021. Which deeply saddens me. As I have been working hurricane Ida disaster recovery in Louisiana and got to play with Dishy which was 206 down and 50up 32ms ping. I have gotten spoiled with Dishy and am sad that I won't be getting it this year now.

  3. Thank you for submitting that ticket Mike. I moved my pin back. No change but I really appreciate you putting the word out. Hope it works for some people.

  4. I spent a whole day ploting out on a map the cell borders where i live. Was worth it as i found i was just 400meters from a active cell. Ordered and got it delivered working a week later. To get good service you need to be within 2miles of the boundary. Further than that performance is up and down and fraction of seconds drop outs.

  5. No putting your address back to the original spot doesn't change the date back. still says late 2022 instead of late 2021

  6. It would be nice if the projected date were more specific. Somewhere within a six month or two year window isn't much to go on. It would be nice if in addition to showing service cells they could also show demographics of how many users are activated in each cell. I suspect activation's are more random than they would like to admit as this gets rolled out. Obviously we would expect northern areas to become active prior to the southern ones based on satellite coverage which would skew projections based purely on order date.

  7. The problem here is zero communication from SpaceX on the current status of Starlink. Elon's mantra of the best process is no process, or the best part is no part, doesn't work here. The best information is definitely not no information. How hard can it be to put out some small bit of information monthly about how things are going?? Even "we're still experiencing chip shortages, be patient" every month is better than nothing. In addition, a nice map of the cells and the number of active vs pre-orders would go a long way to giving people a way to estimate how much longer the wait will be. Or something else useful?!? Not just silence. Silence is not golden in this particular situation!!!!!

  8. Thank you. Mike, I'm grateful that you took the time to figure this out. I told people that this was the "saddest Internet story ever told," because my little pin move cost us six months. We know there is a chip shortage as well. But, I think my husband would be devastated if I moved the pin again and the date pushed out farther. I know it's not magic but I'm afraid without confirmation that moving it will put us in the other cell with the earlier date.

  9. It really would be nice to have the cell overlay on your map when verifying your actual location thus preventing the confusion.

  10. Oooh I put my mailing address back in and move my date back. OMG 😲 yeah so let's see if I get it

  11. I moved my pin a few weeks ago and my expected date moved from late 2021 to late 2022 to early 2023. I tried moving the pin around the general area (all within 1/2 mile from the "original" location) and the date remains late 2022/early 2023. Placed my deposit back in February 2021.

  12. how do i figure out where my original pin was, i was one of the unlucky, unpatient people who had moved their pin and got it set back 2 years!!! after waiting a whole year on pre order already..

  13. I would really love for you to make more space content, venturing away from starlink and into other space matters

  14. Hey what link to see the cells so I can see those in line?

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