First launch failure for Bezos' rocket company

A Blue Origin rocket crashed back to Earth shortly after liftoff on Monday in the first launch accident for Jeff Bezos’ space travel company. The capsule carrying experiments managed to parachute to safety in the West Texas desert. (Sept. 12)

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  1. Take care of Amazon rainforest before exploring space .
    How company can be named amazon & neglecting the same named Rainforest Amazon ??
    Unthinkable ecological neglect especially when one has power to completely stop deforestation & polluting the Amazon the Rainforest Amazon the only one on Earth priceless oxygen generating nature wonder.

  2. SpaceX is taking applications of very high skilled engineers, Blue Origin should have some. Please send your resume to SpaceX: stop playing!!!

  3. .. slow down the video with better angles and I’m pretty sure you’ll see something that doesn’t want it in space 🛸

  4. SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????? Yeah right! Everybody on board would not have survived that CRASH landing.

  5. Cool Bezos, it can fly over and take pictures of certain states in America, that don't have clean 💦 Water and do nothing about it.

    Thanks, Space Cowboy for nothing.🤮

  6. Why doesn't he do something useful with his money, like build a hospital? But no, him and Musk want to play with their toy rockets. Absolute tools. Governments should be taxing these guys to the hilt. Just wait for the day of the revolution. It's coming.

  7. For one trillion dollars, I would not board any spaceship. The shuttle was the worst. I do wish it had this ejection system.

  8. This was about as successful as "Rings of Power" and "Wheel of Time," maybe Prime Video isn't the only part of Bezo's operation that is terrible.

  9. Too bad Bezos wasn't standing under it when it crashed. Would his hard-boiled egg-head have saved him if it did land on him?

  10. No retro trust system seemed to function. It was a heavy landing. Back to the drawing board with some changes in mind. Kudos for trying! @conexionpuertorico
    Greetings from Puerto Rico! Luis