Fireballs over Puerto Rico likely from doomed Starlink batch


Space debris burned up over Puerto Rico on Feb. 7, 2022. It was likely from the SpaceX Starlink satellite batch that was doomed by a geomagnetic storm, according to satellite tracker Marco Langbroek. Full Story:

Video courtesy: Eddie Irizarry / Sociedad de Astronomia del Caribe (SAC) | time-lapse by’s Steve Spaleta (

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  5. The geomagnetic storm was weak, they've launched star link before knowing that there geomagnetic storm 20 times as powerful as the one on the 7th. There's more a lot more to the failure than they are admitting as it's easier and more business minded to blame a solar CME, than explain a failure on the companies behalf. Satellites are built to withstand huge CME's, buty they do rely on connectivity like a train of satellites, this uses earth magnetic polarity to follow the right trajectory, but ther magnetic poles are on a rapid movement at the moment, the southern pole is almost leaving the landmass, where as the northern wass in water but heading for land mass, this is the true nature of a polar reversal; it inverts at symmetrical opposition, Volcanic Eruptions and 100's of Blind Magma excursions and geothermal alterations are bringing it into a coherent state…… Storms always precede the Calms.

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