FASTER FARM INTERNET – Starlink Review & Speed Test


I set up Dishy McFlatface in the hopes for better internet! SpaceX hopes to launch thousands of satellites to provide internet service around the globe.
For those in need of better internet:
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0:00 Introduction
5:59 Unpacking
7:46 Setup
11:10 Powering Up
14:36 New House Roof!
17:34 Starlink Review

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How Farms Work by Ryan Kuster is a YouTube channel based in rural Potosi, Wisconsin. Our mission is to teach those who didn’t grow up on a farm what the farming life is like. These videos show the Kuster family working together raising cattle and crops. We believe everyone who wants to know more about farming should be able to share the farming experience with us and we look to educate the world on many essential agriculture topics.

How Farms Work takes place on ~1,100 acres with around 75-200 cattle at any given time. Four John Deere tractors are currently used on the farm, which are a 4020, 4640, 7600, and 8235R.

  1. I live in North eastern N.c and on May 9, 2021 our family was outside at night getting ready to send the type of balloons that u light to send up in the sky for the remembering of our 10 year old grandson who died in may 2020 While we were looking up in the sky a star link rocket came over letting satellite's out in space. We counted at less 10 . The rocket took off from the Virginia Eastern Shore. We know it was a sign from AJ.

  2. Still waiting, deposit paid 16 months ago, no word yet, keep getting pushed back on the website.

  3. Been using Starlink for a month now. Up here in the mountains of New Hampshire we get any where from 126~259 down 5~18 up.
    Beats the 7~1 DSL that we had !!!

  4. I don’t understand how you only get 70 down. We hit 200 but are never under 160 ish.

  5. The snail 🐌 was so so great. Speed in Western Wisconsin is about the same. Thanks 😊.

  6. Keep us updated on how it works. I would be interested in knowing about the security cameras you are using.

  7. In the beginning of the video Ryan looks like a little kid getting a new Xbox on Christmas

  8. The big dishes were great. You never lost signal to weather like you do with the little ones. We got our big dish back in the 80's. We had tons of channels including all the movie channels like HBO & Cinemax. I think we had 10 different movie channels back then. The best part was that it was all free. For several years we never paid a penny for satellite tv. Then when we had to start paying the highest we paid was $35 a month. I now pay $145 a month for satellite. I pay about $42 a month for 30 mbps.

  9. It's not megabyte per second, you must mean megabits per second. If you have 68 MB/s like you saying it's equal to 544 Mbps

  10. YUP! My Starlink system was FINALLY delivered after a year of waiting in queue 2 weeks ago. I set it up and it is SMOKING fast with DL speeds ranging from 150-250. Upload is as expected and between 10-30. Latency around 50MS on average. Once positioned properly, over a trailing 12-hour period I've lost connection once for 4 seconds! Receiving that Starlink Box was like Christmas in March for me! I'm waiting for the mount now to attach it to our house permanently but I could order and use other mounts on AMZN. The WIFI router it comes with covers about any home. I walked outside and walked 250' away from my house and I was still getting 20MBPS download via the WIFI router! For those who have access to wired high speed internet there is no reason to go with Starlink and you shouldn't. For those who live rural and don't have any other option than maybe 3-4MBPS on old DSL, this is the solution. I am LOVING my Starlink! However, it has to be positioned properly with a wide, clear view to the NORTHERN sky above (NOT SOUTH LIKE ALL THE TV DISHES AIM). After 12 hours the Starlink APP will show you in 3D where there are some fringe obstructions and once you move it to a point that even those little fringe obstructions are gone it is AWESOME!

  11. did you ever think about putting the dish up on your roof?? you would have alot better signal as its up higher

  12. what about putting the sat dish up on the roof it would have a clear view of the sky then

  13. Iv got this in the uk i game on it all the time
    My normal cabled internet was next to nothing my mobile internet was faster till we got starlink over Christmas and it was the best thing ever

  14. Where I live in Alabama I have access to cable and internet. My download speed is 190mbps and upload is 21mbps.

  15. I have high speed internet there is a cell tower half a mile an the internet provider has a atena waaaaaaaay on top an I have a dish that bounces off from their. Had the info near by of the speed somewhere but it is far better when I had dial up.

  16. Hey, The roof job was really cheap I paid over $14K for my parents roof some 15 years ago it was about 2100sqft but it was shingles
    I wouldn't complain about that price. My be the Mennonites like warm weather like Florida LOL… As far as the Starlink I know some that get upper 130 DL and 24 UL it all depends on location I think but its much better that what you had.

  17. I work in Florida at the space force station. Elon is slinging up satellites as fast as he can go. And trust me, it’s only going to get better with time.

  18. FYI, the base package is $500 for the equipment, and then $100 a month for the service, plus shipping and tax. Also, I am curious to see how snow affects it, I wonder if it will affect it's speeds, or if the extra weight puts any strain on the servos that rotate the dish and causes them to wear out, or if it will melt off and be no issue

  19. Great video, lots of happy energy, interesting narrative and liked that slow-crawling snail !

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