Elon Musk’s transport tunnels will put cars on 200kph ‘skates’ underground


Elon Musk started digging a tunnel under SpaceX’s headquarters in LA after complaining about traffic. The billionaire has announced his latest company – the Boring Company – wants to build a series of lifts and tunnels under the city. Electric platforms will use the tunnels to transport cars on electric ‘skates’ – capable of travelling over 200-kilometres-per-hour. Cars will enter and leave the tunnels in a space as small as two parking spots.

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  1. It will never work. It would cost too much and it wouldn't help traffic any at all. It's just a rich man's dream to avoid public transit.

  2. The whole 'Tesla skate' idea is to take electric cars stuck in traffic, put them on a high speed electric skate that shoots along a tunnel underground at 200mph!

    Sounds like something cool from science fiction, right? Unfortunately, not all cool whizz bang techno-toys are a good idea. As much as I love Tesla and SpaceX, this idea of Elon's is just plain wrong. This is just another road, a thing for moving cars around. An expensive way to move cars around. Fixing traffic by building new 'roads' — especially expensive underground skate tunnels — is out of date thinking. Build a new road and it will be filled with traffic.

    I say abandon new road, and use Elon's "Boring" company to build bigger better Tunnel Boring Machines to dig proper subway tunnels for double decker trains. A full sized train tunnel will be more expensive to dig, but have far better rewards. We can also recover about half the costs by selling the air above the future subway stations to developers who will be asked to build attractive New Urbanism above them.

    Build a better city, and you might not need as many cars in the first place. Cars are just so yesterday. The future is healthier cities and attractive walkable neighbourhoods you want to participate in, not drive through — let alone skating along under at 200mph!

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