Elon Musk’s thoughts on The Mars One Project


Elon Musk says he doesn’t think the Mars One Project is realistic in terms of financing and the current design of the Dragon spacecraft.

Elon Musk: “Well I think they’re – I mean, the illustrations that I’ve seen basically has them using a
bunch of SpaceX rockets and Dragon spacecraft. I’m like, okay, if they wanna buy a bunch
of Dragons and Falcon 9 rockets, that’s cool, we’ll certainly sell them. It’s, I mean I don’t
think they’ve got anywhere near the funding to buy even one, so I think therefore it’s
unrealistic. And I think trying to go to Mars in Dragon is less than ideal, you know,
cause it’s at least, well it’s – if you go real fast it’s maybe a three-month journey, and
normally it would be like a six to eight-month journey. That’s a long time to spend in
something with the interior volume of an SUV. So I’d recommend waiting for the next generation

See full video here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=4DUbiCQpw_4#t=4357 .


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