Elon Musk's Starlink Satellite Internet Just Got Alot Faster…


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  1. Just got faster??? I own it. You should be saying it just got SLOWER. Just ran a test. My connection is 7.89mb. They are trying to force us early adopters into the $500 a month connection. Do NOT buy starlink folks! This literally will most likely end up in a class action lawsuit.

  2. How about we wait until they get all the back orders sent out. It has been over a year and nothing sent out.

  3. so guys, im in Harlan Kentucky. we pay more than $125.00 for internet, land line dsl. if we upgrade to a higher speed we go from 3mbps up to 8mbps. and adds around $30-50 extra on the already high service bill. starlink could improve the lives of young kids having to school online and parents that are stuck in the area or don't want to move. Windstream says they offer a much higher premium package. with the premium package i have tested speeds up 12mbps download and about 0.80 upload. the monopoly in this area is getting out of hand.

  4. that is way too costly for individual. Well, if you have a business that justifies the cost. For average users, too expensive.

  5. We still can't get the first version before 2023 in Africa, zone that should be really really interested for that kind of product but we are already with the bling bling version, pretty expensive….halalala Elon can keep talking but he's just like everyone, money first…

  6. LOL Ripoff. In India I get internet of 300Mbps per month of unlimited 2TB of data for 980rs which is 13$

  7. Wow, $500 is a bit much for Internet access. It's quite suitable for businesses though, but in really rural communities – who's making that kind of money out there for this as a homestead???

  8. Elon shit link will cause so many problems after all he has a mental problem which will not lead to greatnest:)))

  9. If you are in the middle of nowhere, you have literally no option man. Im just hoping SpaceX would be kind enough to have an easy process in changing address and overpower consumption of these dish to be lowered down.

  10. The circle to square has been done for along time. How about you all do the research also not just reading someone else's post. So you just copied someone else's info and called that a good video ha? No square sat. Has nothing to do with that plan.

  11. Really I'm still waiting for my pre order from last February that's a year they said I'm getting it April if I don't get it I will 💩 on starlink

  12. Another money grab. Elon must have spent the interest free loan, to the tune of 50 million from people like me that paid a year or more in advance for the standard system. We are still waiting. They more than likely will throttle the speeds (already seeing it) for the current subscribers (people were getting 250+ download are already seeing drops to 150). Typical Elon, promise something, take your money, and get it much much later, it is his business model we all should use.

  13. If you are a boater and have a sailboat? Why not? Having high speed internet 1000 nm in North Pacific off British Columbia? Why not.

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