Elon Musk's Starlink Satellite Casualty


Clip from Lew Later (Samsung UNPACKED Event, PS5 Voice Commands, Elon Musk) –

  1. We have been supposesly launching satellites since the 60s and I would assume there are hundreds of them up there. Amazingly they do not collide with each even though there is no coordinated space traffic control. This so called storm only seems to be affecting Space X. Why us that? Mark Zuckerberg who paid Elon Musk hundreds of millions to launch a Facebook satellite which blew up on the launch pad, had some choice words for Elon Musk.

  2. How is your net speeds starlink subscribers? Are you even online??🤣 I heard it wasn't too good anyway. 😅 Naive idiots pay more, right? 🤣

  3. What’s good guys! Long time fan! I read about this yesterday and I like how you added new details, good vid. Much love from BC 🇨🇦

  4. I am ok with few hundred sats in space. But hundreds of thousands of sats is just too much.

  5. Are we sure it was the storm, or were they just faulty? It is Starlink, after all.

  6. You guys sound like some kind of Pirates!? There she blows a geomagnetic mess on me face again. That's ol' one eyed Pete, had his eye taken out by a micrometeorite and his legs by the Supernova of 22'. His said it sent his ass cheeks a rattalin', ayyeeeee shiver me Qubits.

  7. Whenever someone goes to the iss and steals a pen or something he can call himself the first official space pirate

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