Elon Musk's Starlink Gives Up An Edge


Clip from Lew Later (Apple Just Changed Your New iPhone…) –

  1. It is interesting. In my neighborhood growing up, I was a sega fan and my neighbors were nintendo fans. We would holler the commercial/magazine jingles at each other for lols. Sega does what nintendon't 😀

  2. And we thought copyrights started because of music and whole time Nintendo did it lol

  3. super nintendo didn't have a startup screen.. that was just fan made with mario sounds.

  4. Because of the economic crisis that always comes up the best thing to be on every wise individual’s mind or list is to invest in different streams of income that’s not depending on the government to generate funds.

  5. Hey Lew, I still got a SEGA CD!!! I'll trade it to ya for that 74 Datsun you got parked in yer office 🤪

  6. If I were as rich as them, I wouldn't even notice another $100 missing. I'll be like, "Inflation?"

  7. The original Playstation brings me back. Doom, cool boarders, twisted metal, tomb raider, all those fucking demos from pizza hut. Good times.

  8. The SEGA sound woke me out of a dead sleep. I was delirious and thought I traveled back in time 🤣😂🤣

  9. I seriously would like to see on paper what increase in overhead did starlink have to justify this or if this is just a case of “inflation” – general practice of increasing prices in elastic demand excusing it as an inevitability of increased costs/inflation. And remember folks, in a truly competitive marketplace operation costs increase would be dampened by profits and not transferred to consumers.

  10. If I remember right I would boot the game up with the cartridge. I don't remember there being a home screen like modern consoles.

  11. 32x, Sega CD. Problem was tv screens were still shit. Didn't look any better. Not at the time 😉

  12. Is what it is. Truckers are paying nearly triple for fuel , means everything that takes a ride in a rig is going up.

  13. He was doing the start of The Simpsons Theme song. (the simpsonnnnsss) (inflationnnnn)

  14. I built and sold an isp… Musk really needs to advertise his market is rural and they literally don’t know unless they get a mailer.

  15. Gotta say, I've never cared for Musk. He masquerades a brilliant futurist while he's merely a marketing genius.

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