Elon Musk's Starlink finally ARRIVED in Ukraine for Uninterrupted Internet against Russia invasion


Elon Musk’s Starlink finally ARRIVED in Ukraine for Uninterrupted Internet against Russia invasion

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Sends Starlink to Ukraine for Uninterrupted Internet

Over the past few days, Ukraine has been under fierce attack by Russian forces, who are now battling to control the nation’s capital. Worrisome is Russian forces have been targeting internet infrastructure to confuse Ukraine.
As a result, Ukraine Minister immediately pleads for Starlink equipment from Elon Musk to help in the fight against Russia.
Luckily, this beg was accepted by Elon Musk in the day.
So, what does this help mean to the people of Ukraine?
Why did Musk make it so easy to accommodate this aspiration?
Let’s find out:
Musk was right when he predicted that Russia is one of the countries that could cause a large-scale war in the world.
In 2017, the tech genius had previously made a tweet saying” China, Russia, soon all countries w strong computer science. Competition for AI superiority at national level most likely cause of WW3 IMO”.
It is evident that Russia’s Vladimir Putin has ignored Elon’s warning by starting a war with Ukraine. They started the invasion on the 24th of February 2022.
Currently, the situation in Ukraine continues to escalate and the Russian occupiers are causing more and more harm to the population and infrastructure of the country. Although the Ukrainian military and the people of the country are successfully fighting back the invaders, they also need help from the international community.
Elon Musk’s Starlink finally ARRIVED in Ukraine for Uninterrupted Internet against Russia invasion
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  1. bla, bla, bla over a tweet. starlink is available in Ukraine but cannot be used without infrastructure from Musk and his company. just another useless yt video.

  2. Yes Elon what can we do? I think that this isent to happen this will make Rusha a true dimocresy I know my spelling oh well🌏✌️=💪***8888***

  3. Well that I guess the reason I have been waiting over a year for my StarLink. I feel that Elon should take care of the US before any other country.

  4. "Why is musk helping ukraine?" "Musk must be loyal to his country?" Okay first off Elon musk is helping because he's amazing and a Good hearted person, one of the world's best known for lanthapists. Second Elon musk's loyalties doesn't lie with the United States but the people of the United states. Because what's sad about that statement is the United States most the time isn't loyal to its own people. So if that means going against the United States to be loyal to hard-working americans. Then Elon musk will do what needs to be done. He's a man that wants and can change the world. Our species just might survive when the earth is no more because of him.

  5. I wonder how much Musk pays Tech Fans to idolize him? They worship him so they probably get a lot.

  6. That was very nice of you any help from anyone you are saving lives maybe world

  7. Ukraine is doing very well in combat with there a.i drones taking out those tanks and truck full of missile .helps prevent alot of future attacks .👍

  8. Good on U Elon a maybe Ausywood will help them with other stuff, there is talk, arms and such, downfall of rush I'd say that should be Banished for at least 10years no important or exports.***8888***

  9. Super Good Elon Musk ! to Connect Starlink Internet for the world to "Watch Ukraine War "invaded By Russian Army 2020.

  10. Thank you. Very informative. I’m wondering just how such things as Starlink terminals actually get delivered to Ither Ukraine? If they are airdropped there don’t the delivery planes run the risk of being shot down by the Russians? 🙏🇦🇺

  11. "Obeying the master"? NO
    @elonmusk do NOT support the conflict or some war; in my opinion; but "stop the conflict" "stop the war" and help innocent! Right???

  12. A buddy of mine recently asked me if Starship could be converted into an ICBM. I told him that would be a downgrade.

  13. This time what went on in Vegas will not stay in Vegas!!

    I met both Britney Spears and Elon Musk early in 2000 at Bellagio. Britney just stared at me as she was singing on stage and I was standing in an archway above and nearby. I'm not sure if I was supposed to be standing up there by myself but I did have her undivided attention. A few days later Elon came up to me and started asking me questions about what I was doing there, in Hawaii and Las Vegas during that time. Would I be fine answering a few questions and if I was a gambling man? I stated, "I was on vacation and I only like to bet on things that are worth betting on!" I had earned these trips by qualifying reward points at my work. He asked, "What kind of work is it that you do?" I said, "Commercial energy saving promotions but I had been schooled in Automotive Marketing Business Administration and worked in that field for several years as well." He asked me, "If I had millions of dollars to spend what would be the most innovative businesses that could help humanity?" We talked about electric cars, we talked about solar energy and so many other subjects for over an hour. Even commercial space exploration for the consideration of colonization. That way all of humanity's eggs are not in one basket in case of another world war, asteroid strike, major climate change, etc. These we're very expensive and ambitious businesses to become successful at. Therefore we had to talk about ways of keeping a low overhead in advertising, distribution and the manufacturing. He said, "They were all very good ideas and that they should be done!" He said he had already made hundreds of millions off of a couple internet companies he started. "One of them was PayPal," he stated. Not that I had really done a lot of online banking or e-transfers at that time I didn't think much of it, until I noticed online about a year later that I could buy something off the computer with my PayPal card! Unfortunately I had just received a promotion as regional manager with the company I was working with. This made me let Elon know that I had to wait for a few years before I could assist further. I keep on sending out messages, hoping that he will get one and reply back. I will probably have to keep on trying, he gets more messages in a day then I would in five years! It is very inspiring to me to have a conversation with someone and they dedicate the next 20 years to making our conversation reality! I come up with several innovative ideas everyday and it would be amazing if I had a rotor cell to try and make some more of these ideas happen. We also talked about becoming your own best supplier and starting businesses that help your existing business. A type of slingshot effect that he has incorporated very well. It is so ambitious and amazing that he was willing to put pretty much all of his money where his mouth is and just make it happen with a consistent dedication. Congratulations Elon and I am looking forward to working with you again, one day in the near future! And of course Britney I always wish her well and would enjoy meeting her again as well! Shoot for the Moon then Mars and then we will end up amongst the Stars! If you would like to learn more of these topics let me know.
    [email protected]hotmail.com

  14. I THINK ELON NEEDS TO BE AS PROTECTED AS THE PRESIDENT. When I heard of what Musk did, I really all most cried through shear, god love us patriotism. So perfect is the response even now as I write this I get pretty worked up over it. America`s perfect response is being able to solve problems through our SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGICAL advancements in space. Right guys, just snap your fingers and the next day, you and the free world are reconnected, sorry CHINA and Russia. BUT the leader of all this is very exposed and if he goes, we are screwed. And after this our friend Putin is going to try and get him. I would stake my life on it. We all know how Putin will go after people who get in his way. Kevin from sunny Mexico. I look down the page and see others appreciate Musk and his true BLUE American response. Biden needs to see see just how invaluable Musk is and make his efforts is space as easy as possible in our goal to colonies and protect space.

  15. Thank God for the intervention of spacex and elonmax to help the poor innocent people of Ukraine from power drunk putin and his doctrine idols.
    May the Lord God the Most High fight against them

  16. Thank you Lord for Elon Musk. Go SpaceX StarShip ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
    Why doesn’t ULA, BOEING OR BO, doing something like this?, I’ll tell you why they love their money too much.

  17. Listen very closely to what they say (2015 Genocidal conference) online link available still!!!

  18. Look up 2015 Genocidal conference and see what they say about billions of us

  19. I’ve got links to them bragging online in 2015&16 up to 2020 but censorship is actively taking over

  20. I’m curious if you’re aware of them actively involved with destroying billions of us?

  21. не СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ а пизда УКРАИНЫ. народ бедный в УКРАИНЕ и 100 у.е. ежемесячная плата никто не заплатить..

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