Elon Musk's Starlink Completely Succeeds In Ukraine


Clip from Lew Later (Samsung’s Origami Z Fold) –

  1. Since starlink has almost 2000 satellites and many more to come. So even if you could disable a few without taking down the network, very high redundancy, well make it hard to shut down.

  2. Lew, the thing is they cannot shoot each others satellites down because it could cause a satellite cascade where broken pieces of tech brake into other tech in earth orbit that breaks into smaller pieces which in turn continue to break up other pieces of tech until they are so small you have what is now just a cloud of metals, plastics etc orbiting the earth. Making it impossible for rockets to leave the stratosphere without colliding with this cloud of dead satellite pieces. It would be decades before all the pieces fall to earth and the stratosphere opens up again.

  3. They needed this bullshi to happen so they could serve us the new world agenda
    fuel is out the roof
    The rich and poor divide is expanding
    And money is the new religion

    Allah protect us all

  4. How can the app be downloaded if they don’t have Internet in the app gives you the access to the Internet

  5. That is so amazing and cool. Suck it Putin, just because you are old and your c… doesn’t work anymore, you can’t just go killing people. (Thanks South Park) 🤣

  6. Don't forget the satellites have to connect to ground stations as well. User dish -> Satellite -> Ground station internet connection

  7. Space war would be terrible for everyone, Space junk. That's why no one would rush to get into war in orbit.

  8. Space war would be terrible for everyone, Space junk. That's why no one would rush to get into war in orbit.

  9. Perfect example of an oligarchs using war for profit. True he helping Ukraine but what's the real reason. Only reason ppl will give him a pass because his Elon.

  10. Well as a businessmen Elon always seems to get things done at the right time. And that's the reason behind his success.

  11. Imagine if this were actually true and there were even 2,000 Ukrainians capable of live-streaming events , they would be recording 80% more than they are.
    Because it isn’t Exactly as MSM says!
    That’s for sure !

    For personal knowledge, do that experiment I spoke of

  12. Civilian internet was cut and starlink is now their internet,along with doing the same for Russia oddly lol 😂 fueling both sides However, it is Throttled or directed Web 100%.
    It’s not like most think where ALL Ukrainians just have Full access to the same internet as we do but a more “Shadow banned” version

  13. Title should be : Elon Musk's Starlink Completely Succeeds In what's left of Ukraine 😂😂

  14. It's interesting cause we all know putin ground military basically getting humiliated but the guy has intercontinental ballistic satellite missiles 🤣🤣 I ain't cheering about the war being over until putin is gone .

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