Elon Musk’s New "Song" Fetching Over $1,000,000

Elon Musk has entered the NFT market.
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  1. With the new Nike Fly Ease Go. I have cerebral palsy in my right had.. can't tie shoes.. laces are one of my worst nightmares. As cool as these are, still skeptical. wants to believe these are the answer, do I still sit down or hold for balance to take them off? Worried about tightness and can you use insoles? It's an expensive trail run.

  2. I upgraded to a Pixel 5 from my Pixel 2 back in November. Few days ago I upgraded from my Pixel 5 to the 12 mini. Pixel 5 was the almost perfect phone. Having owned the 12 mini for a bit has made me realize how much I've missed having a smaller phone since I upgraded to the Pixel 2 from my old iPhone SE.

  3. Samsung loyality isnt worth sh bc after around 1year, they damage your flagship phones quality by updates. + the fact the galaxy S21 is a major downgrade from S10 and S20 devices, why would anyone with a clear mind buy that? And in europe you also get that horrible own processor…. Its like a china phone, but extremely expensive. Its like the Oppo find X3 pro, read the data sheet, laugh and move on to something else.

  4. And I love that iPhone users get to be beta testers as an Android user with a better phone I prefer not to have data breaches let Apple keep all the data breaches with all these apps that literally have no terms of service or the security is flimsier than a piece of paper. if the only apps that are releasing on iOS before Android are literally lame social media apps that are going to be swallowed by the bigger social media companies anyway y'all can keep it That's no reason to buy an iPhone I just can't wait to clubhouse it's a data breach and all these iPhone users are crying about their data being stolen even though they're on literally every app to steal their data so funny iPhone users or brain dead

  5. I love that Google search is nowhere on this list! it clearly shows that Doug Doug go is lying just to try to take Google users but it's not going to work because Google users already know what's up DuckDuckGo is trash!

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