Elon Musk's Mechazilla works perfectly that is a BIG SLAP on Blue Origin & other space companies


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Elon Musk’s Mechazilla works perfectly that is a BIG SLAP on Blue Origin & other space companies
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“This is some really wild stuff. It’s hard to believe it’s real, but there it is.”
Indeed, it’s hard to believe that anything about this is real, but that’s what Musk said about Mechazilla, his giant machine!
There it is—tall, majestic, and from the pages of a science fiction novel.
Despite having been ridiculed since the very beginning of the idea, Musk and his team are now proving step by step how shallow the previous judgments were.
Let’s take a deeper analysis of this machine and all of its capabilities as well as its promises for the future on today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

Launch towers for rockets are nothing new but SpaceX’s Mechazilla is the exception!
In December 2020, Musk claimed that the firm planned to use the launch tower’s arms to catch the Super Heavy booster as it returns to Earth.
As soon as the idea was made, it received a multitude of mixed reviews.
For Elon Musk fans, they’re excited about the advancements. They are looking forward to witnessing a new initiative, breaking old rules, opening a new path like in a sci-fi movie.
Some Musk fans even have already created animations of their interpretations of how it might work.
However, where there may be praise for the innovation, there comes an equal amount of skepticism.
They laugh at Elon Musk. They say Musk is crazy, this idea is really bad and useless!
Many bitter words were uttered!
However, perhaps they have forgotten that Elon Musk is the one who has the ability to make the impossible possible.
He completely changed the electric car industry, and he can do the same with the space industry!
Musk and his team spent much effort on designing and building a massive “launch and catch” tower at the South Texas site.
Standing more than 150 meters tall, it supports the fully stacked rocket during fueling and launch operations. Then, minutes after launch, it will catch the first-stage booster with massive “chopsticks” as the rocket slows down near the ground.
The entire process of design and construction just took about 13 months.
Yup! You didn’t hear wrong!
Just 13 months to finish this enormous structure!
It must be said that this is extremely impressive progress.
Elon Musk’s Mechazilla works perfectly that is a BIG SLAP on Blue Origin & other space companies
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  1. Space x now needs to build a supply station at the Lagrange point between earth and the moon for mars travel

  2. They give this man soo much hate… Elon AND his Team has done soooo much.. Elon is a big part of SpaceX but so are his workers. They work as a team to get things done.. my hats off to them all and hope they continue to have success!

  3. Elon has stated that the first flight most likely will fail, however I have zero doubt if it does there will be no shortage of armchair genius’s laughing and saying I told you so. At least
    we’ll know who the morons are.

  4. when it's working it'll be trivial but getting there hella fun to watch.
    if they can land falcon on a suicide burn as accurately as they do a starship booster will have way more control as it can hand in the air under thrust and make adjustments. and you know what it really is going to be a wonder to watch for the first time as something the size of a building hangs in mid air while the chopsticks close around it then it cuts engines.

  5. Fun, out today Businesse's and Lunch with Friend.. Saw several Tesla Cars!!? What do you know!!! Then, saw a Red Maverick car off my Youth!!! Lots off fun memories. We need a Red Tesla Car..Keep Trucking Elon Musk, Happy 4th. Of July!!!🤣😍🌷🌅🇺🇸🇩🇰👍

  6. Like I said they don’t they’re making fun of Eli musk because he’s doing it the right way and they don’t have the water to keep doing what they Gotta do they’re scared of him because he’s going to outdo him I believe he can out the home NASA Soso they’re always scared that something might blow up what are you doing a good job I think he’s got good working hard working people real hard Americans and the Democrats don’t want hard-working Americans to do their job they’re like themselves or they can’t they don’t want to do the work they just passed stupid laws to help the rich

  7. Lots of people lose when one person makes it. I don't judge Musk's idea's, he has already proven his genius abilities.

  8. I still believe the boosters will crumple like an aluminium can. Just from the extreme amount of thrust, I think it will collapse from the bottom, upwards😅 so much thrust!!!

  9. The best way he can help the future is take off , not come back or communicate and start a new world on Mars .. we have had 100,000 years as a species and are still stupid .. leave while you can Mr Musk..GO….

  10. shame they don't do more tests with the chopsticks. They could try and catch lite weight dummy loads by simulating starship's expected descent profile tolerances, cross section and load points, using some sort of smallish inflatable airship proxy they could remotely float up and down through mechazilla to maybe find anything unexpected or just have fun and build confidence scaling up to full size starship dirigible mockup…

  11. Thanks again for good stuff. One?. You said lower Starship several meters onto the booster. I would think two meters clreance would be adequate.

  12. The FAA has weaponized by Democrats to help China so they get ahead of the US in the space race.

  13. FAA, "Has this been done before?"
    SpaceX, "No."
    FAA, "We do not like!"
    SpaceX, "Cookie?"

  14. literally no one has criticized this design. there is no "they" that doubts musk that you keep referring to.

  15. Elon's doubters are basically closet simps. He probably has stacks of folded notes that read "Do you like me? Check Yes or No".

  16. Looking forward winning my fare back at the Mars Casino.
    Katchinng!! 💰💰

  17. they criticize because they are jealous. i admire his genius and i am very encouraged that we still have humans who don’t get discouraged when attempting to achieve the impossible. elon’s successes are humanity’s successes. go elon!!!

  18. I'll get mildly excited when after its first used and there's no bits and pieces falling in unnatural ways.

  19. This is now the standard way of stacking rockets.
    This can be automated with double redundancy to insure no mistakes.

  20. "Mechazilla works perfectly" ?? …it has NEVER been used to catch a booster or starship. FYI – it is going to be a process of refinement, until a successful catch happens.

  21. Looking for SpaceX to do exactly what the world want to witness, maximum speed for Making Space Great.

  22. I expect failures…..that is I expect progress. Musks contribution to humanity will loom large if and when a real objective biography is written. He succeeds because he is unafraid of failure.

  23. Its just a copy of the Huisman drill tower, which is basically just a a normal drill tower flipped inside out. Any second hand drawworks with some modified heave commentator will do the trick.

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