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Free internet and free WiFi is something that people have been dreaming of for a long time but is it realistically possible? Elon Musk seems to think so. Of course, this wouldn’t make the big companies such as Cox Internet and Time Warner very happy but here’s how Elon Musk plans to give the entire planet free WiFi internet and it’s not actually as complicated as you think it is.

10. What Would ISP Companies Do?
9. It Could Happen within a Short Five-Year Time Span
8. Facebook Has Also Tried Something Similar & It Ended Badly
7. The Project is Estimated to Cost $10 Billion
6. This is How Elon Musk Will Give Free WiFi To The Entire Planet
5. SpaceX Wants to Launch 4,000 Satellites By 2019
4. Elon Musk Isn’t the Only One Racing to Get This Done
2. ??
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  1. Everything seems impossible, untill it's done… Remember when Elon said he wanted to land and reuse a rocket? Everybody said it could not be done… Untill he did it…

  2. A sleeping fool trying to contribute to both 5G and AI. Manipulates all of humanity through industry. Those who are still living in this sense of happiness for technology will soon see hell.

  3. The issue of how the massive amount of satellites would affect the gravitational field of the earth is simply put a non issue nothing can affect earths gravity aside from removing a sizable chunk of the planet. The real issue is how these satellites would interacts with the earths magnetic field, when you have large chunks of metal spread out in a pattern emitting constant electromagnetic signals it’s hard to imagine that it wouldn’t affect the earths own magnetic field. Then you take into consideration the effects that said signals could have on us, when you have a signal moving through the air two things happen. First the signals charge and destabilize particles around them. Second they produce frequencies known as emfs. Destabilized particles begin to shed neutrons and protons which is what we refer to as radiation these small doses of radiation increase cancer rates, immune disorders, birth defects, and can cause in some cases fetal death. And emfs (electromagnetic frequencies) increase ones chance of developing cancer, aneurysms, and have even been shown to have some effect on the human heart. So overall I’m curious about the way that Elon musk plans on us getting the WiFi and how the signals will work as well as what wavelength they operate on.

  4. I'm hoping he does do it..I'd be glad to donate to the cause..and I do believe it's possible…I'm on satellite internet right now and have been for years…which btw is way more expensive than it should be and is capped

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