Elon Musk "We Need Universal Basic Income" (UBI)


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  1. Was he warning us..or was he delivering the plans that he was possibly playing a part in ???
    Was it for a Good or Bad agenda ???
    We need to pay serious attention to this information and question everything.

  2. This is leading to the new world order the mark of the beast just as the Bible says -that anyone who doesn’t have the mark can’t do normal business

  3. I say support UBI…with a caveat:. My UBI gets to be near Elon Musk's UBI….HELL, let's not be greedy, let's do Andy Yang's UBI

    And I do agree with Elon:. Finding 'Meaning' should be our goal. But…I ain't gonna base my meaning, my worth, on being able to save up my UBI to buy a Tesla & all the other stuff we don't really need or want.

  4. When there is abundance but no engagement, you lose purpose and go into depression. Happened to me several times. He talking about tech, economy, lifestyle and philosophical meanings show how he views generations of various aspects in his thoughts.
    Just see the levels he's touching in those few minutes. He's thoughts are godlike.

  5. Musk the head of the Martian utopia

    A pure visionary who beat the business game without intending, imagine if he overlooked a nation. I'd love to see how he'll unintentionally outperform powerful governments who feed off of corruption

  6. We'll live out of art! The most pure self expression humans ever done…
    Spirituality… Taking care of Earth nature problems that we caused… Self care… I honestly can't see why people would feel meaningless.

  7. Everytime he open his mouth I die a little hire me then you sre not a leader your a big talker the world dosent need income it needs to have the same ideas so we can all work towards a similar neccary point of action before we all kill eachother with everyday pointless meaningless horse shit while you sit in yuir fuckin chair

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