Elon Musk Updates on 4680 Batteries and Explains Personal Pain


In a tweet, Elon Musk gave an update on Tesla’s 4680 battery production acknowledging Tesla is still not manufacturing its custom-designed 4680 cells for commercial use in electric cars or energy storage systems yet.

In a Twitter exchange with fans after the B Word bitcoin conference, Musk wrote that Tesla is still “not quite done” getting to “volume production” of its custom-designed 4680 battery cells. He also acknowledged that Tesla sold Maxwell Technologies’ ultra-capacitor business and other assets to a San Diego-based startup called UCap Power.

Musk also acknowledged that Tesla is still not manufacturing its custom-designed 4680 battery cells for commercial use in electric cars or energy storage systems yet.

Laura Colodny of CNBC also notes that the 50-year-old CEO of Tesla broke into a reflective moment, implying that Tesla’s entire reason for existence was to transition the world to clean energy.

“I would say I’ve had some pretty tough life experiences and Tesla’s probably responsible for two-thirds of all personal and professional pain combined to give you a sense of perspective there.”

Elon Musk then continued giving us more updates on Tesla’s demand for electric car batteries and updates about whether the 4680 battery production will compete with the battery producers.

“In fact the limiting factor for us right now is cell production. So we need to both internally get our Tesla internal battery cells produced as well as increase supply from suppliers.”
Musk also repeated that even once Tesla can make its own battery cells, it will still rely on other battery cell makers. Its current cell suppliers include Panasonic, LG and CATL.

“Generally when I talk to our suppliers and they say ‘how many cells would you like?’ I say ‘how many cells can you make?’ you know ’cause sometimes they’re concerned, is Tesla gonna compete with them on cells? I’m like no no, if you want to make the cells be our guest. It’s just that we need a crazy number of batteries.”


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  1. Elon mentioned nuclear power. Could he be thinking about the new molten salt designs from Moltex and Elysium? Both are well worth looking at.

  2. EM's vailed comment about 4680 development is troubling. He was originally way too "enthusiastic" about 4680 rollout and now with the SHTF, reality is setting in.

  3. I do believe that Tesla will be able to ramp up their 4680 battery production over the next year with the cooperation of Panasonic and LG Chem. I also think that they should start building another line of less expensive Powerwalls using LFP batteries to fulfill the 80K of Powerwall back orders, and free up Tesla's NCA batteries for their BEVs.

  4. I think Elon just wants to be at starbase and building his Mars city. And every hour running Tesla is a hour he can't work on Mars projects.

  5. Just because the dry electrode process is not in place yet, doesn't mean they can't produce 4680 cells. During the battery day presentation it also became clear that the dry electrode part would come later, but that the tabless design and 4680 size would come sooner. I still expect the Berlin factory to use those in the model Y production.

  6. Elon idea to mine Bitcoin on small devices that use their waste heat to heat spaces vs space heaters is a perfect example of how to use existing power consumption to do additional work at low to no cost. This principle could be used with any furnace, or device for heating space. There is an old study that showed that half the power consumption for computers was in cooling the computers. Putting that heat to useful work instead of throwing it away would be beneficial.

  7. Really? Lora Kolodny? That is who you are going to cite? NEVER has there been a journalist with a more Anti-Tesla BIAS. Lora Kolodny- YUK!!!

  8. people kept repeating that ultra capacitors were the future of batteries. the selling of Maxwell proves this not to be true.

  9. The Aussie move makes perfect sense. Lithium is also mined in WA and so far, there is no announcement regarding Australian Lithium. I figure its just a matter of time.

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