Elon Musk Turned Tesla Giga Berlin Upside Down During His Recent Visit


Tesla CEO Elon Musk threw construction plans overboard during his recent visit to Grünheide, Business Insider’s German edition reports.

Tesla is currently finishing the inside of the factory in Grünheide. Heavy machines are set up in the paint shop and the press shop.

The employees work under high pressure, they work in shifts around the clock on the construction site.

During his recent visit, Elon Musk is said to have turned the plans for the production processes upside down – and called for more vertical integration. According to information from Business Insider, this was one of the reasons that led to the departure of top manager Marcel Jost.

Musk’s ideas are said to have clashed with those of a manager
And there’s Elon Musk. According to information from Business Insider, the Tesla boss turned upside-down plans for production in the factory during his recent visit. Musk wanted more production depth in Grünheide, but also significantly larger presses. More will be produced in the factory itself, important plastic parts for the cladding of the vehicles will be produced in Grünheide, for example. Also, instead of having two production lines on-site, Musk has requested a single one. According to information from Business Insider, the Tesla boss is said to have clashed with manager Marcel Jost because of his ideas – one of the reasons for the Tesla manager’s recent departure.

Overall, Musk has apparently been a little more relaxed lately when it comes to progress in Grünheide. At least with regard to politics – economics minister Steinbach revealed to “ZEIT” that Musk would have called him more often in the past when problems arose. And now? “Elon Musk calls only rarely,” Steinbach said of “Die Zeit”.


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  1. Thanks for the great reporting. The real reason Tesla is building factories in markets across the world is to maintain the forcing function to transition to electric vehicles. It takes real effort to do something important. We need he help of environmentalists to come up with real solutions.

  2. German’s want Tesla cars. Just a fact. The question is, do they want to build those cars in Germany (with all the new employment and spin off) or do they want to employ people in other countries to build their cars? Is this a hard choice? The delays are just costing money for nothing. The government of Germany wants Tesla cars made in Germany to the writing is already on the wall. Does the USA have to put huge tariffs on BMW cars? Give your head a shake people.

  3. England, Wales and N.Ireland are ready and skilled for both vehicle and battery production, with especial expertise in electrical and electronic additional products for energy storage. (Scotland is politically unfavorable as the current regime wants to be a fiefdom of the EU Commission but Scottish expertise is not glued to the place).
    Delivering products to European countries is easy and 'green' using Nordic and Baltic destinations.
    Germany and other firm EU states have failed to grasp that Britain has always had world wide reach and is talented in identifying sustained markets beyond Europe as they arise.
    The EU is a physical and ideological bottleneck which also suffers from energy dependency of non-green types and antiquated portage.

  4. Imagine that, whacko enviros against sustainably powered cars. It just goes to show that Tesla will have to ship everything from Texas, since the rest of world's governments, including California can't be trusted to fast track what's responsible and right.
    Clean energy industrialism, Tesla style!

  5. I’ve never been to a channel that repeats the same over and over, says irrelevant details, etc. I think these videos have 2 minutes of info and the rest is filler

  6. Hw much of the forrest is being destroyed for building the plant? If this happens in the 3rd countries, they wll be sanctioned n boycotted. The hypocrites of the west always hv bn amusing

  7. Surely the departure of the top manager Marcel Joust is a fact. And when a top manager departs at a critical time that is unusual and significant. Yes I think of Business Insider as a FUD spreader but that doesn't mean they wouldn't report bad news accurately. Or maybe it's good news in that the factory will be better.
    Are you seriously trying to argue the Elon Musk has never acted like a loose cannon?

  8. What a load of FUD. The cleanest ever car factory, and the only one that does NOT spew waste and contaminate water, making the transition to sustainable future possible, and environmentalists keep trying to block it. Germany is a Joke, like Torque News. I used to subscribe, but he spreads so much FUD and so many lies, while saying I'm just reporting. Tell the whole story then.

  9. My opinion if you want to find out what kind of BS is being spread about Tesla, Musk, etc. come to the Torque News channel. The problem is Torque News reports this crap as though it's the truth.

  10. TESLA destroyed EU car business by building a GigaFactory in Germany. EU car manufacturing are run by UNION workers while Tesla contract with Germany is NON-Union workers Company. It means more pay for Tesla workers, because Union dues goes to the workers pocket. The projection is, 2027, EV will be 60% majority in EU against ICE. TESLA GigaFactory Battery will control the supply of EV battery on all German EV car manufacturer. Delay by German Govt. for the opening and operation of Tesla Plant means, delay on revenue of the German Govt from workers who will be paying Income Taxes and EU Tesla buyers for Model Y will also pay import Tax to Tesla Germany.

  11. You say a lot about the same thing over and over. What was turned upside down?
    No new information. Thumbs Down.

  12. Operated vertical integrated Arch,Eng,Const and Electrical design-build commercial in US. MUSK is correct to see that the Industry spools fee on bureaucracy, delay, revision and change order at the expense to production, progress and timeline drift.

  13. Es würde gut sein, wenn man die Forderung von
    Elon nach "more vertical integration" erläutern könnte.

    Was ist denn damit gemeint?

    Mehr Einzelteile lokal in der Giga Berlin zu fertigen?
    Ja wo denn? Oder meint er lokale Zulieferer?

    Diese bedeutende Äußerung von Musk kann nicht so
    einfach beiseite geschoben werden.

    Das ist eine tiefgehend umfassende weitreichende
    organisatorische Andeutung.

    Hier muss geklärt werden, Armen Hareyan, was da los ist.

  14. Sounds like Elon slacked off on supervising grunheide…. then he saw that things were not going as they should be, so he came out "guns blazing" firing the manager and reordering the production lines. He also made a new application with new buildings. If this is true, there will be more MAJOR building, correcting the mistakes of the manager.

  15. More time delaying crap from the Germans. I'll bet Mercedes BMW and others are doing their best to make it that way.
    If I were Elon, I wouldn't build a second plant in Germany EVER.

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