Elon Musk To Produce Tesla Phone With Built-In Starlink WIFI


Tesla Phone Model Pi With Starlink WIFI Will Change The Industry 🔥

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His newest plan comes completely out of the left-field as every indication points to the fact that we might soon have a new brand of mobile phones in the market, produced by Elon Musk’s Tesla.

What will the mobile phone look like and what will be it be called? What differential features will it likely have?

And most importantly, when can we expect Elon Musk to make an official announcement and make it available for purchase?

He has spent the last two decades accomplishing the inconceivable, changing the car and space industries on his own.
Musk has never stated openly if he intends to enter the crowded smartphone manufacturing industry.
However, rumors had been flying out of Tesla factories for quite some time.
Based on such reports, in 2018, designer Martin Hajek created a mockup of what a Tesla smartphone may look like if Musk ever decides to make a linked gadget for his electric automobiles.
As one might expect, the hypothetical Tesla Model P smartphone by Martin Hajek has a sculptural form that resembles Tesla automobiles.

A spine-like fin that runs from the top to the bottom of the gadget, which has a glossy red finish, is a tribute to Tesla’s instantly recognizable design DNA.
The device’s carbon fiber speaker grill adds sportiness, while the notch for the front camera is odd, like the front grille of a Tesla Model S / X.
Instead of a boxy form, the smartphone sports a rounded style comparable to Tesla automobiles, with a curved display on the edges.
Overall, the Tesla Model P smartphone prototype appears luxury and, even in 2021, is nothing like existing phones on the market.

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  2. 3:57 precious/prescient? This is something I hear all the time; people using the wrong word that sounds similar to the right word. Americans do this all the time which is why I think they speak garbage as it shows they don’t understand English. It’s impossible to know what they really mean. Does he actually think the idea is “precious” or “prescient”. Look it up.

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  4. The phones will not be able to use StarLink. It is well know that not even Tesla cars can use Starlink. Do your research.

  5. Iphone we are giving u satellite phone
    Elon:- we will give u satellite phone with fast data 😅😅intrested?

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