Elon Musk TERRIFYING WARNING "This Weapon To Destroy Russia"


Elon Musk TERRIFYING WARNING “This Weapon To Destroy Russia”

In almost every field of science, and technology, US and Russia have always been competitors. Occasionally, though, stuff gets a little crazy.Well, no don’t have to worry because there are no hostilities between them.But the vibes are not calm. It is no secret that Elon Musk is famous for his technological abilities.Therefore, Russia is getting a little jealous of his success and is trying to make things less exciting, and Musk is threatening them in response.

The Russian space chief watched in awe as billionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson took off into space in vehicles they helped fund – and wished his country’s billionaires would follow their lead. But in the first interview with Western media since assuming the role of director general of Ros cosmos, Dmitry Rogozin told CNN that “our millionaires prefer to invest in yachts rather than spaceships. But maybe kids of current Russian millionaires will be much more wise creatures.”There is no doubt that Rogozin is highly impressed with the boom in space tourism that is occurring in the United States, led by companies like Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Bezos’ Blue Origin.

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  1. Ya ya. ..we have all kinds of Atomic Bombs, nuclear weapons, hydrogen bombs, EMF bombs and you you what, none will be used …. fear porn .. this war is dragging , another Vietnam

  2. I’ve yet to see any proof of of this. Russia has hypersonic missiles ballistic missiles and they’ve proven their effectiveness in ukraine, neither the USA nor Elon Musk have any proof they have such weapons. Until I see proof this is all fake

  3. Elon is real genious!!!! God gave him a talent.god blessed you elon.!!!! Send this to ukraine asap thank you so much.god will rewarded you fully!!!!!

  4. China wants to conqer the world and therefore all democracies must take action against it now.

  5. STOP giving people WRONG information on Elon v/s Russia.
    STOP spoiling Elon's name.HE IS AN AWESOME INVENTOR. False Information IS WHY I just UN-Subcribed

    GOD sent JESUS to earth on RELIGION ARE or SATAN POWER HUNGRY ERA. JESUS just came to earth go show or teach to WHITE DEMOCRACY how to win the war of sword ERA he also said if WHITE DEMOCRACY want to win all kind of war then WHITE DEMOCRACY must trust in GOD that is the only way to win the war.

    Now GOD just sent ELON to earth on TICHNOLOGY ERA and ELON will show or teach to the WHITE DEMOCRACY that if you want to win the TECHNOLOGY WAR or continue to be the RULER OF THE WORLD then all WHITE DEMOCRACY must stay in one group to win the POWER HUNGRYNESS COMMUNIST PARTY.

  7. Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 379 sentadillas son unos PORNTINDER.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortalesk abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.k

  8. Rush their production n send them to Ukraine to serve the purpose. The soonest, the best.

  9. YOU are confusing Internet Starlink with Military nonsense. Starlink is a broadband Internet service for rural subscribers. As Russia is attacking the free flow of internet information, Starlink bypasses Putin's Censorship of the BBC, France 24 and DW news TV stations via the internet. Screw Russian aggression and propoganda.

  10. Elon.Musk is a genius and visionary. Many great things seen from him and undoubtedly many more.

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