Elon Musk STUNNED The World: "Tesla and SpaceX Will Help Ukraine!"


Elon Musk STUNNED The World: “Tesla and SpaceX Will Help Ukraine!”
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On February 27, Elon Musk announced the launch of his global Starlink satellite communication system in Ukraine; this move would ease access to the internet in the country. Right now, Starlink services are available in Ukraine. Musk wrote on Twitter that new terminals were on the way (to Ukraine) on Saturday.
After a few days, Mikhail Fedorov posted a photo of a truck with terminals. This shows that Musk sent the terminals as quickly as he could to Ukraine. The caption on the photo posted on Twitter reads: “Starlink is here. Thank you, Elon Musk.”
Remember that on February 26, the Minister of digital information of Ukraine, Mikhail Fedorov, approached Elon Musk on Twitter. He said that while the SpaceX CEO was trying to conquer Mars, Russia was trying to occupy Ukraine. Fedorov furthered that while Musk’s rockets were landing from space, Russian missiles were killing the citizens of Ukraine. So, he said, “We ask you to provide Starlink stations to Ukraine and appeal to sensible Russians to stop.


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  1. Nice video very engaging from the beginning to the end, 👌 I recommend a professional broker for you guys sometime ago, can I get people who invested with him… Comments below.

  2. Los rusos y asiático son muy tramposo y están dominando en el mundo esto tramposo y mentirosos, con sus trampas y mentira y difamando que las personas que siempre los intenta ayudar a ellos son malos.

  3. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍i like it away………… haaa. Superman .

  4. Tesla rebirth to avenge US for not recognising his project at the beginning of the 19century which should have change our electrical system even travelling system a century beyond… Thank you Mr Elan Musk the great.

  5. Thank you Elon for sending starling terminals to the Ukraine. I pray you will have a heart to help them more. Such heartbreaking devastation and genocide taking place there.

  6. He has a lot of great ideas that Iron Man helped him with. LOL per IM 2. That's why I keep saying Elon Musk for POTUS 2025!

  7. Dam lol

    The Primitive Putin probably wasted months and lots of money to cut the cables on the Ocean
    Putin is getting more and more humiliated with his primitives tactics

    This is really funny

  8. Do not worry, Russia is already fixing new easy nukes to explode in frozen Tundra … Lot of CO2, higher temperatures, better for Russia …

  9. Big move, did you ask the people of Ukraine how they want to be helped. Think about it

  10. Putin had no idea what he would be up against when he planned his crazy invasion of Ukraine. Every day Russia becomes more isolated, weaker and more internally unstable. Putin is achieving the opposite of everything he wanted to achieve. It makes me happy that there is justice.

  11. How stunned haha he didn't even complete his mars mission yet trying to distract the goal

  12. Now make molotov cocktail dropping warbirds! Taiwan handed over hundreds of drones to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. "The best defense is a good offense"  Drones specially equipped with anti-tank grenades and thermal cameras to detect targets at night use Musk's "Starlink" satellites to defeat Russian invaders. The elite Ukrainian Drone Force  has destroyed dozens of “priority targets” by attacking Russian forces as they sleep. May the Force be with You…..

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