Elon Musk Starlink Internet Satellite BIG NEWS follow up!!!


Check it out!!! THE PROPAGANDA IS AWALYS FREE stickers. I had a few made from my Starlink video last month. They are good quality outdoor stickers. Let those suckers know, WE KNOW. If you want one, Email me at [email protected], Venmo me a donation, so you can “support oxford821 channel”. It’s my RPM that YouTube lowered while that video was hot.

  1. Wicked stickers,absolutely love em’. You deserve to make $ on your vids.!! They are actually real shit done by a real guy not some cheese bag trender👍

  2. Don,t they know that in Russia, China ,Iran ,North Korea,Cuba ,Venzuela and on…but thanks to Vets like you,we here in US can display such stickers (without fear of disappearing)

  3. Nice sticker, I had not even thought about dtar link but after you vid I signed up for it, my not get to me until 2024 but I'm in line !!
    Thanks from the Country !!

  4. The more you make, the more YouTube takes. It's not about the creators anymore.
    Nice sticker.. Be Safe

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