Elon Musk : SpaceX Tesla and The Journey to The City of The Future


Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and The Journey to The City of The Future

Friends, Hope you and your family are safe and healthy. We have been relentlessly presenting you updates on several progress we make on Space research for quite some time now. So we thought why not we exclusively present you some interesting facts about people or companies related to this subject.
So Engineering Today will now come up with a series of videos dedicated to some extraordinary people who have made a big impact on the field of Space research. Let’s start with the well known and most discussed personality Elon Musk.
First of all, if you are here, then we must say, does Elon Musk really need an introduction? The way SpaceX has come up in the last few years under his leadership and they way Tesla and NASA got their name entangled with it, the whole world is literally watching this man holding their breath. He is not just a genius but his media presence and will power can make any business leader in the world feel envious. We all follow him, watch him either to admire or to criticize, but one thing is obvious, we can’t ignore this man. So let us discuss some sinteresting facts about Elon Musk. Stay tuned.

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Voiceover by Scott Leffler — scottleffler.com .

  1. 8:03 Musk and Grimes dating since 2018 not 2008 http://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/how-did-elon-musk-and-grimes-meet.html/
    12:25 It was just his old Tesla, not new. There's lots you left out (for time) but a few more interesting factoids coulda made it. Surprised by the num of minor mis-facts.
    Edit: Thanks for the upload, I found it _very compelling. and love the content you've narrated. As a Musk-nut I knew most of this tho. Volunteer to proofread, srsly! ;]

  2. Outstanding job wonderful video I admire this man greatly I have little doubt that he will shave what he says he’s out to achieve

  3. This is a unpopular opinion but a year ago Elon had 16B USD while Jeff has 130B USD but now Elon has
    86B USD while Jeff has 186B USD so Elon catched up by 30B so I think Elon will be the most richest man.

  4. Sometimes I think why he isn't interested in the president job. U.S county is so great one of the countries in the world. He was born in there he should use his smart to save America county great again with real mind.

  5. Are you sure about that 2020 date to send a first mission to Mars? I have only heard 2022 mentioned for the first cargo missions that would probably include a methane generating plant and water mining robots (CO2 + H2O = CH4 + O2 for return-trip rocket propellant).

  6. i would say elon musk is the most well ballenced and fucused man able to pay attensition to fine detail i am a fan and wish him all the best if your a friend of his then your realy lucky to have him as a friend if his kids take after there dad then he will have no probs.

  7. We can't ignore him but we can not ignore Amazone neither.

    Because of him, i said that Besoz is the King of business ! And with Besoz, we must do what we say ..

    With Republicans, there's no distinction between private life and public affairs.

    Now Elon Musk doesn't have any credit left but Jeff Besoz still has 1… So Amazone will do new business with us !

    New Business will be in California and California will be an International zone.

  8. : Battle of the Planets! G-Force, five incredible young people with superpowers! And watching over them from Centre Neptune, 7-Zark-7! Watching, waiting,warning against surprise attacks by alien galaxies from beyond space. G-Force! Fearless young orphans, protecting Earth's entire galaxy. Always five, acting as one. Dedicated! Inseparable! Invincible!

  9. Did you know that Werner Von Braun wrote a book in 1948 called Project Mars, about a futuristic trip by humans to the Red Planet. In it the humans meet the Martians. Travelling from the Pole to the equator by something that seems very much like a underground hyperloop, they meet some leaders of the planet. The head of the government of Mars, they are told, is called The Elon. Go to page 177 and the Chapter "How Mars is Governed" https://www.wlym.com/archive/oakland/docs/MarsProject.pdf Peace and stay safe

  10. hmm the bond sub keep it resell it and use a delorian but further more donate the bond car to a hacker space just change the name to emporium 2030 and deck it out like the aviation centre except with hover bikes the flying bathtub concept drones/ air male and potential rescue service put out a competition for a jurassic park hover mobeel something on steroids an ai expo showcasing oceanic robotics and have a working robo chef ai cafe garden robots and have the main hall full of science fair projects and easy model kit bashed features possible archicect future city with a mag lev trainset but the art is in the website syncing up coral reef revival methods and location missions vertical farming innovation and latest evolutions from waste effiency spain and malta still dumping in the rivers can only change with enhanced waste efficiency and set a new hostel tour rename the hunt to the completion of the planet with small tree house and log cabin building and retreat tour guide with possible monks check pointing endangered forest and make the world eco aware we want projectors 3d printers with vendors and machine learning lightened up with jewellery making knitted aliens and pottery wheels cake specializing i seen an amazing game of thrones dragon cake and dispicable me zombie minions cakes wow stuff but yea an ai cafe with a replica space shuttle section and all the news on appollo missions from past to present from the moon rover to mars and the hubble to the james web with small replicas we want a reverse engineerd kettle just to yano improve and make silent if possible and a washing machine prototype that folds the clothes just becuase its all possible and can be beuatifully delicatly arranged like the men in black facility back up to the eco lab we could have a walkway out to a dome garden telescopes uv herb testing and solar water features sending parts lists to africa for 3d printed water filtration systems and maps to build vertical farms with minimal supplys shoeboxes containing gravity bulbs small tablets with agriculture information and small solar panels to power the instruction tablets with specific intstructions guides to survival/ water purifaction and how to make tools some countrys are killing each other over stolen pillows footballs and thats the line drawn for me,, i need air drops seeds irrigations information and plantation formations im a nobody so this message has to go far and fast so copy and paste if you want a next level complex in your home town lets build this,, lets get to fuckin mars with ease tho we want a mag lev systems that move and get us back safley like the roller coaster of a lifetime space cafe intervals along the way we can can get this shit moving and get a chain link moving forward and back on a rotation im Dan Grant look for a black picture on facebook also check out my emorium 2020 page dashing with colourful bubbles ima terraform ireland but i need help guys i can turn junkies to genius

  11. You can find out more reading Ashlee Vances book “Elon Musk: Tesla, Space X, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future” Thanks for the Elon Musk video!

  12. Why don’t we all just listen to Bernie Sanders and force Elon to give up a huge chunk of his capital so that politicians can wisely redistribute it. It’s obvious that the politicians know how to spend money better than Elon does…sigh…

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