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Elon Musk Shows Us Starship’s Future | SpaceX in the News Episode 119. Today we look at Starship SN4 updates; learn up on Dragon current events; talk about the upcoming launch manifest; become amazed by today’s Honorable Mention; and finish with your questions.

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  1. Hard to believe that it is just four years ago that they landed the first booster on a drone ship/barge. Perhaps more impressive is that in the four years subsequently SpaceX through repetition has made such momentous events seemingly mundane. Reusable spacecraft have now become the norm and the practice of expending rockets appears arcane and atavistic.

  2. KEV KEV, how is this thing going to survive , when it landing on Mars its fuel and Oxygen tanks are empty yet it will have the nose cone and 100 tons of cargo. When it touches down on Mars the bottom propellant section will cripple like a pop can

  3. Still, traditional chemical fuel rockets have very low energy efficiency in theory even in the most ideal case. If you want to reuse the rocket, the efficiency would decrease in order to let the rocket to slow down and land.

  4. On the outside a ‘Configuration error’ might be ‘Good news’ but it does highlight the immense pressure they’re under; manifesting itself as Human Error – Human Factors. Racing off again at a million miles an hour with SS4 will probably end up the same way. They need to take a knee, review then go. BTW Kevin are you allowed to say Coronavirus or Covid-19? Thanks for the updates ??

  5. Hi. You have a great show and I wait eagerly for each episode. I warn you tho… Right now I'm bludging for a favour. I would really appreciate it if you could get an answer, ex-cathedra, to the question: "Why not use helical welding instead of ring stacking on your hulls?". I'm pretty sure that doing it that way would give a good strength boost to stop that embarrassing crumpling and, with Elon's resources, it would be easy (expensive, but easy), to set up an automated, computer operated welder that would give a highly controllable and homogenous weld.

    p.s. Your wife has my sympathy. 🙂

  6. I fall for this every time. Elon isn't telling us anything. You are. I was expecting Elon to be giving this talk. Nope got me again with the misleading title. I don't believe the Elon said. I want to see and hear Elon say as I do with everyone. Good video though.

  7. There's going to be a berth of a boy Child soon and that child will be fritend of the dragon. Hello Elon Musk it's hard not having someone to just sit and talk with isn't it , I'd like to meet you at the one hundred fountains ?

  8. Kevin, sup. Loving your videos all the way from Kenya.

    Do you think it's possible for SpaceX to use a similar strategy to what Rocket Lab demonstrated, to recover their fairing halves? Seems likely, since the fairings deploy similar chutes to what I saw in the Rocket Lab demo.

  9. As well as attitude control, it should be possible to raise the orbit of a satellite using only the Earth's magnetic field. Run a long boom or conductive cable normal to the satellite's orbit and put a voltage across it so that a current runs through it. Since it cuts through the Earth's magnetic field at right angles, it will generate force at right angles to both (Lenz's Law) like a motor. This force will be either prograde or retrograde depending on the direction of the current, and so either raise or lower the orbit of the satellite without the use of propellant, only electricity, which can be generated by solar cells.

  10. Hey, Loved the Video! Just a quick question. Where do you find SpaceX's Manifest for Launch? I know the website has some but is there one with Time and Date?

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