Elon Musk says Universal Basic Income is “going to be necessary.”

Elon Musk at the World Government Summit 2017 in Dubai.
(Full conversation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Lre6GxiQUE

Transcript: https://medium.com/@0rf/elon-musk-says-universal-basic-income-is-going-to-be-necessary-96b51b2e870c#.rwsx6nwor



  1. So to compensate for the lack of meaning they attempt to destroy the music industry and access to art in general. These"Elite" are fucking nuts.

  2. Competition will come in other ways beside food, water, standard shelter, standard vacations etc.. If you want higher quality food, a better car, better shelter, better vacations etc, you'll always be able to work your ass off to get it done 🙂
    Think of all the basic needs like water. Everybody gets free water in North America (I think?), and it can and will go beyond that one day, yet it doesn't take away from competition for people who always want "more", which is a fine thing.

  3. I agree. When people don't need jobs anymore to sustain themselves the challenge will be that people don't commit suicide.

  4. Came back to this video because of the doge coin theory that he wants to mass distribute wealth. As to if I’ll ever live to see that in my life time is another story but this mans prediction is coming more and more into fruition

  5. I was one a skilled sheet meatal worker. Then retrained as a building services engineer. I'm also an ammeter guitarist. I was once referred to as, the guitarist guy. I was more proud of being referred to as a guitarist than my two professions. I have no doubt that people will adapt and find new meaning to their lives, without working.

  6. The only thing stopping me from living in a remote area in nature is needing to work I hope for the sake of our future children that a universal income doesn't happen but if it does happen I will definitely live In a place set in nature. I always feel my best there and hate coming back to the ghaotic busy modern civill world. I'm perfectly capable of surviving in nature and can grow.my own foot.

  7. The video game industry is huge and a lot of gamers would rather spend most of their time playing these games than having to work a full time hourly wage job. If paid UBI, that would mean a great deal more money for video game companies, namely through in game transactions rather than the purchase of games.

    A lot of people who stream games like on Twitch, would also receive more money from viewers. And this would also encourage more people to stream their games as a way of making money.

    Thus, doing the thing they enjoy (their hobbies) becomes a source of income AND a way of satisfying social identity and "usefulness" in society, by contributing to the economy.

    This is of course just one example of how UBI would change people's lives for the better and reshape society for the better.

    EDIT: He actually talks about video games in the full conversation, in the context of how it will make "reality" indistinguishable with gaming.
    Also the full conversation can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xa8m3SATR1s

  8. I do not derive meaning from working to live. To pay rent and get food etc… I would cheerfully let my fancy take me where it wants to go in the event of not having any major commitments or obligations. I would derive meaning from just existing.

  9. This is the most unlikely audience receptive to a UBI. He's clearly trying to avoid describing the consequences of mass unemployment. But, one day it has to come in one form or another… hopefully politics won't screw it up.

  10. The dollar will collapse before that happens. The government is already beyond broke, from it's deficits in the socialism, it currently supports.

  11. Someone like Elon Musk, who is changing the world and following his dreams, derives meaning from his employment. The vast majority of people are doing jobs they don't really care about because it allows them to stay afloat. I don't think people will become depressed on a significant scale due to not having to work.

  12. Yes and no. Yes, of course automation will only increase over time. And of course UBI would be great and will be necessary. But I don't believe "everything will become abundant" and that it's a given that UBI will be sufficiently distributed. Automation is all about productivity, efficiency and quality control. But it ain't cheap. As automation grows within industries and across industries it will become more and more sophisticated, more and more complex – and thus more and more expensive. Energy and water costs and distribution costs will not go down. (I expect renewable energy will become cheaper but distributing it will require a whole new expensive decentralized nation-wide grid.) It will require more engineering, more technical support, more manufacturing of the robotic parts and systems, etc. The overall goal of automation is the same as developed labor. Labor was made more productive, efficient and reliable with production lines and then automating the production lines and yet the extra profit that came from the higher productivity did NOT go back to the laborers. The "promise of technology" allowing a universal rising of the standard of living was and is a myth. The extra productivity and profit from automation simply goes into the pockets of the business owners. This is capitalism. ALL workers, even highly-paid high-tech engineers, are paid the absolute minimum that the market can bear so that the company owners ("the capitalist class") can reap the profits. Despite highly paid high-tech engineers, the owners are still making profit off those engineers. I.e. those engineers (and all labor) is paid less than their actual worth. (If everyone made a wage or salary based on their actual worth, then there would be no profit – the companies would break even.) What the promise of technology (and automation) was SUPPOSED to do is to distribute the wealth (profits) generated by technology/automation to the citizenry, so that citizens don't have to toil and can instead spend their time and effort pursuing arts, music, philosophy, being enlightened with further education and intellectual pursuits, etc. This is what the utopian vision was when we were presented with the advent of mass production, production lines, technologies that accelerated our work and now automation. But none of the distribution of that newly and increasingly generated wealth to the people will happen if we cling to the same old exploitative capitalist economic system that is DESIGNED to exploit people in order to make profits and keep those profits among the capitalist class. I just don't see capitalists "sharing" what they perceive as their own. It doesn't matter that capitalists get greedier every year, with the income inequality disparity growing wider and wider. The capitalist class will always want MORE. But theoretically, in my fantasy vision, I think we COULD have a quasi-utopian society, if UBI's were significant and the income inequality disparity were narrower. But capitalists would need to be satisfied with wealth only somewhat higher, and not way higher, than the average worker/citizen, like maybe the income gap of the 1960's where the titans of industry made only 10x more than their workers rather than 100x.

  13. We Need a Permanent UBI now, not only because of Automation but any emergency's that may happen like this corona, if people were getting 1,800 a month already it would have sofened the blow by alot, but nooooo our greedy crook poloticans wont throw the people a bone. The poloticans in dc are old and have old ideas their minds cant focus on the future or whats ahead of us

  14. Meaning in life does not come from "a job." This uncoupling work from income may free people to achieve excellence and thrive in so many different ways. Scientistists are typically poorly paid. Think of the advancements that may become possible if, for example, scientists were free to inquire and discover without being chained to an academic career.

  15. The most important part starts at 1:17.
    Watch him struggling to find the right words, actually trying to avoid to say that "by the time you can't compete a robot there is no reason to exist, what's the meaning to be allowed to live".
    We live during the most dark times of the human history. We survived in the caves back in the dawn of mankind, we survived the plague, we survived the wars, but it's not sure if we ll survive the malthusian technoFascists.

  16. It's basically a slave system now since we have no choice, but to work and everyday people using planes and cars to get to work are destroying this planet with the fuel dumps by the planes in the air and all, but yet they dont make public transport free although police and public libraries are free basically although I do pay a few dollars in property tax. I would not recomend commiting suicide though because energy is not gonna be destroyed most likely you or anyone else who dies will come back to Earth because the atmosphere traps our energy in here. So you may be recycled back here and it could get worse. We need to advocate to our Governors in our states about UBI and our Senate.

  17. Now take what Elon Musk is saying and add in the green New Deal. There are things that Elon Musk said here that are simply not dated correct, we have already lost a lot of jobs to robotics industry. The majority of our manufacturing jobs has gone the way of robotics! This has not made cars, or any Electronics any cheaper, so he was wrong about this. But he is right when he talks about unemployment! Now for a minute I want you to think logically instead of with your heart, what is the best way to reduce pollution on this planet? If you haven't read the green New Deal or agenda 2030 then I think that is a good read for you guys. One of the most popular sayings and today's date is sustainable living! What is sustainable? Are people on welfare sustainable? Are people who no longer are needed because computers can take their jobs and do it more efficiently sustainable? If we look at the one percenters of the world and the other 99%, and we look at the one percenters is creating product, innovation and Technology and break the other 99% up into two categories. People who are needed for low educated jobs and The Unwanted. Now The Unwanted are people who can't work due to disability, drug addiction or alcohol, criminal background and excetera. These are people who are not sustainable they bring no value to the collective group they are just a burden that needs money, commit crimes but still leaves a carbon footprint that is bad for the environment. As a one percenter or a person of high intelligence or an AI, wouldn't it be better for the planet and more sustainable if we reduced the 10 billion people that live on this planet down the 5%? This would not stop innovation, technology but it would give the 5% an abundance of wealth and health as well as saving the planet! People need to watch what they are voting for because the 1% did not become wealthy by having a heart the highly intelligent do not think like you do!
    Now do you believe that you are the 4% or 5% that is a biologist a chemist robotics engineer then you're good but if you are not the future is not looking too bright. Remember sustainable living!

  18. If the super rich are promoting it, it might be wise to be cautious. UBI seems more like a bandage to a broken capitalist system in which mass unemployment caused by automation will leave workers with less money to buy the products that these automated factories produce. UBI might help people short term, which isn't a bad thing, but it mostly just maintains the status quo.

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