Elon Musk Reveals When ADA Will Hit 100$ – Tesla Preparing To Buy Cardano! (Price Prediction)


Cardano ADA is a popular cryptocurrency founded by Charles Hoskinson. Elon Musk and Tesla have been connected with Cardano. Elon might buy Cardano in the future. This is especially true if Cardano can actually deliver on their promises. Meaning, can Cardano build a thriving ecosystem with great applications. Once they start to do that, they will be taken much more seriously. However, I would not be surprised in the future if Elon Musk or someone of his status starts to buy Cardano.

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  1. Not a chance fake highlight.
    Estimated cardano price will
    Be roughly 3-5 bucks possibly end of the year. Don’t watch these fake videos and give yourself high hopes. I love ADA, sure…. but 100 bucks is not realistic at all.

  2. Every time this guy makes a video I delete it.. Untill he grows up and stop calling it Cordorno
    . He must be a moron… Pay attention man.. its Car DA no

  3. I can’t take this seriously as the project is not even pronounced correctly (face palm!). Unsubscribed ?

  4. Elon again, eh? As soon as you see that, you know it's a bogus channel pumping imaginary numbers and tokenomics with broken calculators. Find a couple of good channels and put these jokes in the trash bin. LMFAO.

  5. Rich people plays the money game to win. Poor people plays the money to not lose. The goal of the truly rich people is to have massive wealth and the poor sees a surplus as an opportunity for consumption instead of investing it. change your mindset and do what the rich does, which is investing, investing and investing.

  6. Cardano isn't changing anything dude. It's a pumped up retail speculative hype platform with absolutely nothing unique about it. It's being pumped by Charles Hoskinson who is only under contract by mysterious unknown people in Japan to work on it. Cardano was initially being developed as a gambling platform in 2015 when IOHK and Hoskinson were hired to develope it. They were paid in ADA. You doubt this? Go look it up in web archives. Also, Hoskinson has openly announced his continued dedication to Ethereum Classic, a direct competitor to Cardano. Does this make any sense unless what I'm telling you about Cardano is true? He has openly stated, half, that's 20 out of his 40 developers, are working on Ethereum Classic. He said it, not me. Cardano has no enterprise clients and never will. Cardano is a 50 billion dollar borderline scam project pumped up by people like you. And NO, Cardano has no deals in Africa. What the con man pumping the project failed to mention to idiot ADA holders is the African "deals" are only MOUs with Hoskinson's own company IOHK and it's recycled news from 2017. Cardano is heading to zero where it belongs.

  7. World wide adoption by financial institutions and banks is a lot more impressive than what Elon Musk tweets. Cardano's smart contracts will position itself as a global leader in just the right time after this bear market ends. Thats why I believe Cardano has a very bright future ahead.

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  10. Who cares what Elon says? buying assets based on the mood and tweets of celebrities is GAMBLING. I have made a few thousands on doge, not because I bet on Elon's mood, but because I bet in the stupidity of the masses that based crypto value on his tweets. The thousands I made, a bunch of idiots lost it.
    Invest on crypto based on the fundamentals not on egocentric people's tweets.

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