Elon Musk Reveals Plan To Colonize Mars


Elon Musk Reveals Plan To Colonize Mars.
For years now, the whole science world has been thrown into a debate on the possibility of an occupation of Mars, while Elon Musk has done nothing but reaffirm his commitment to its possibility, ceaselessly stating his desire to colonize the red planet. In this video, I will walk you through the plans of the SpaceX founder to colonize Mars.

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  1. Can't even maintain safe planet earth given free by God .can't stop polluting the planet earth but now they want to go to mars. Why go to mars anyway?

  2. Excellent plans. Im glad Musk was born, he is advancing space exploration by decades into the future as compared to him not having ever existed. He will will be remembered as one of the Rockefellers, Edisons, Fords of humanity.

  3. Move their, colonise, states will place their flags, claim their territories and slowly but surely start wars over resources, and eventually destroy the planet…Well done greedy mankind

  4. Can’t run for what you created , sit y’all ass down and go down with what y’all started.

    Ain’t no running from it except it .

  5. Let's live on our planet Earth itself, Elon will make sure he destroys everything, He cannot change what God has planned what to do

  6. Chimical engines are so primitive for this type of venture, we really something more efficient and powerful, lighter!
    Alien ?must be very curious about this strange being in spaceship dynamite lol

  7. To colonize Mars H20 must be found without heavy metals contamination or radioactive material. Nobody knows what really happened in. Mars and what kind of microorganisms if any could affect humans..

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