Elon Musk on Love and Realationships


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ELONS REPONSE TO THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/-IFO-ce7V3M
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I love Elon. Im not one for idol worship but Elon is an important person for our species. I wish him peace and love. The purpose of this video is to highlight to people that money and intelligence quite literally does not ensure a good intimate relationship. Few of us will be able to achieve what Elon has achieved. To sacrifice ones intimate relationship, the most important relationship you will have in your life, for the HOPE! of money and success is wrong. And not a decision you should take lightly.

Elon Musk on Love and Realationships

You can find the full version of the article I am narrating a short portion of here:

Elon Musk: The Architect of Tomorrow

  1. Well, he had a gorgeous wife and he neglected her bitterly. Now he dares to whyne like a spoilt baby??? He brought it on himself. He should go back on his knees and begg her forgivness and plead to come back home. Then, he should put everything in her name – first of all: HIS [email protected]@

  2. He refers to himself in the relationship – mate!!! there are two people in a relationship, and that other person is not there to pamper your needs. Learn to give back as much as you take, then you may have some hope for the future.

  3. He deserves the best cos he is a very earthy sentimental guy who is super intelligent. Very honest with his feelings. His future girl or wife should be so blessed

  4. Oh he's one to talk with all the drama he's created with between the AH and JD trial ,the truth about him is finally coming out,he's a snake like someone else

  5. I taught my boys when they were young to learn to love a woman as an individual not to just lust after her – this way you will have a marriage that lasts a lifetime .Marriages based mostly on sexual attraction tends to fizzle out time and time again.Being married and staying In Love takes dedication and commitment .

  6. My son Paulie went to a dating service- He paid hundreds of dollars.They try to match you up with an individual with similar aspirations – goals and ethics.He met his now wife from this dating service in California.Maybe you should try someone from a more Orthodox traditional background.Men and women need to submit one to another but the man needs to lead in love as Christ loves his church and laid down his life for it . A marriage with two heads is a freak .A good marriage needs one head – the man – and one heart as its soul – the woman – These two working side by side in obedience to the Will of God will last till death and even unto Eternity

  7. What happened to Grimes and his child? That should be enough to keep him busy for a long long time! Hopefully he will treat her like a wife/ girlfriend, and not an employee who works for him. If he can keep the narcassist locked up and in check, he won't end up alone!

  8. His job is his mistress. I hope God brings a selfless, confident, kindhearted partner into his life. Someone confident enough to understand his commitment to human evolution and unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit. Someone who comprehends the meaning of the Alpha character trait. Someone who can adapt and work with him without attempting to change him or demand more than he can offer emotionally. It isn't easy to be Elon. May the Lord bless you abundandly Elon Musk.

  9. If interest was true then my guess is my Facebook friend request would have been accepted, and it wasn’t so…why not? :0) I don’t bite. lol
    Dating isn’t what I should do right now because to be frank, I know I’m embarking on a healing path, so I know emotionally I’m not really ready.
    You’re great guy 🙂
    It’s just not the time for me, still too sensitive from all that happened. I’d like to get to know you, if you’re up for it, I just gotta be honest that doing more than friendship I know I wouldn’t be able to handle it right away until a little while.
    It would be cool still to get to know you.
    It’s what I can do for now…
    Too sensitive still.
    I admire your courage overall in life. It’s different to know somebody directly than to know them just off of press obviously so really, I don’t know you as much I should then, getting to know you would be nice but for that you have to accept friend request or else it doesn’t happen in “la la land” of not welcoming invites dear. lol
    Take great care 🙂 Yello

  10. I listened to the interview where his mom talked about the abusive mental and physical treatment from her husband, Elon's dad. It's interesting that Elon's FIRST wife said the same of Elon! His mother also said that Elon went to live with his dad at 10 years old. Hmmmmm wonder what he picked up there?

  11. A relationship requires the kind of investment you’ve given Tesla and SpaceX, Elon. When will those two amazing enterprises be at a place where you can have time to invest properly in a relationship?

  12. Guys like this refuse to do the inner work it takes to understand happiness comes from within first! They look for outside distractions to direct their need for control of another person. Love is built from trust, equal give and take and partnership, not domination. Women will continue to leave him if he does not learn you can be perfectly content and happy being by yourself and when you are able to live this then you look for a partner that also understands this.

  13. I don’t believe him. I heard on you tube a letter
    Written from
    His first wife. He was an asshole. He wants a trophy wife not a meaningful relationship.

  14. The guy is extraordinary, no doubt, and worthy of admiration for his incredible accomplishments and brilliant abilities. These videos, however, should stick to the topics he actually knows something about.

  15. What I love about Elon (apart from his vision, genius, focus and insane work ethic) is that he is pretty transparent emotionally. You can see the real person inside. Just about every other celebrity and public person puts on their armour before walking out the door in the morning. Musk does this to some extent, but he is not afraid to show some vulnerability every now and then. This is an endearing quality and really helps us observers of him understand what makes him tick. It just adds to my admiration.

  16. Well I don't fell sorry for him because of what he did to his 1st wife. Told her to fix something after one day and then files for divorce thr next day. and she lost one child. Never mind having 5 more. My expression is " what goes around comes around in a way you did not expect it"" and obviously money does not make people happy.im sure on someone's death bed they say "" look at all the money I made"" not. I think about if their family is there for them and have good relationships. You don't have to married to ge happy. You can be single and have a productive happy life. Look at some actors like Jim Carry. Left his first wife when he got famous and look what has happen to him since. J.m.o.

  17. Elon said in other video that He take care so many babies (Tesla, Boring Company and Space-X) including his 5 boys.
    He needs Asian Woman, NOT American woman who like to be independent. That's how Facebook CEO married to.

  18. It's interesting because not wanting to be alone is an extrovert quality, but otherwise, he appears to lean more towards introvertism. Ambivert appears most accurate.

  19. If he truly has a form of Aspergers then he might have difficulty diverting his attention to anything other then what is on his mind. People with this syndrome just do not see others and are more intent on their own world, in other words they do not see others needs. This is not done intentionally. But they can be extremely brilliant in everything but be socially and emotionally inept when it comes to others. My sister is autistic she loves receiving gifts and attention but would never think to give a gift to another person it would never cross her mind. This not the same as narcissistic behavior in an otherwise normal person. People with this syndrome can make some pretty honest remarks that are true but most people would not come out with the same remarks understanding that there is a certain way to say something in public that sounds less cruel or crass. They just do not pick up social clues. His admitting he has Aspergers would explain a lot of his behavior.

  20. i love this guy ..all brilliant people have trouble relating to others..they have a special way of looking at things and they demand a lot from themselves every min of everyday….its hard to be like that….this guy is so honest it is fabulous ..a real brain a real man to be vulnerable like we all are..it shows that real strong men are gentlemen they are not cruel and they need a companion which is normal….i would love to see an interview with elon and dr. peterson they are both brilliant and honest about themelves

  21. Elon, you had an amazing wife who gave your 6 beautiful sons. She would have loved you forever and you kicked her to the curb as if she was disposable rubbish. I pray she is happy and has found a man who sees her real value. You have money but you lost your real treasure. I pity you!

  22. Just goes to show that money can’t buy true happiness. He was also raised in a different culture where men don’t respect women as much as they do in the states. I take this with a grain of salt bc you can’t always believe everything you see or read but he likes the idea of a trophy wife and he will always be superior to her and as long as she knows this and acts accordingly then the relationship will last…. this is according to ALL his female relationships from his past.

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