Elon Musk on Bitcoin

Elon Musk on Bitcoin in an Interview with Vanity Fair in 2014
Full Interview here: https://www.vanityfair.com/video/watch/elon-musk-speaks-about-tesla-spacex

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  4. There HE Lie Cuzz HE had on DOGECOINS !! Sooo noo noo Munk u Lie AGAIN !! AND STILL GET SO MUCH MONEY STILL !! HE do but how WOULD u get up to the Moon WHEN u dont EVEN know how to do it With the helms!!

  5. Yes modern money is just numbers but gold and silver will always be our foundation. When all the light go out you better have some.

  6. Elon, food 4 though, learn Meditation ?‍♂️
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