Elon Musk Met The Environmental Minister, Who Strongly Supports Giga Berlin, Privately.


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Elon Musk Met The Environmental Minister, Who Strongly Supports Giga Berlin, Privately.
00: 11 Tesla’s ‘preferential treatment’ justified by Brandenburg Environmental Minister.
3: 38 Tesla Model Y taxi fleet successfully blocked by NY commission.
6: 14 Tesla Model 3 Occupants Walk Away After Car Falls 100ft Off Side of Mountain.
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Tesla’s ‘preferential treatment’ justified by Brandenburg Environmental Minister.
Tesla’s “preferential treatment” in Berlin has been attacked by numerous environmental groups who disagree with the automaker’s current construction project that is going on in the town of Brandenburg. Since the site’s initial groundbreaking and land preparation efforts in early 2020, citizens and “green” groups have come to pledge their distaste for Tesla’s introductory European production plant. However, local government officials are more than willing to come to justify Tesla’s presence in the area, especially as it provides a substantial economic boost to an area that thirsts for steady, well-paying manufacturing jobs. Brandenburg Environmental Minister Axel Vogel is just one of those politicians coming to Tesla’s rescue, justifying the company’s treatment in the area.

Environmental groups are concerned with the production of the vehicles, which will result in some pollutants. However, these groups could be protesting any automaker, or basically, any large company in the world as manufacturing does, unfortunately, result in emissions. However, after Tesla cars roll off of production lines, no emissions will leave the vehicle, as the company’s battery-driven powertrains make for the most environmentally friendly form of passenger transportation on Earth.

“The Commissioners sat through almost three hours of testimony on all sides yet asked zero questions and spent zero time deliberating before making a policy decision with profound consequences. The Taxi and Limousine Commission never intended to consider what drivers and New Yorkers had to say, and only cared about jamming through this vote on Primary Day with as little scrutiny as possible,” Reig added after the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission’s vote.

At first glance, it seems that the occupants of the car could get very serious injuries, if not worse. However, contrary to the worst expectations, the Model 3 coped with occupant protection flawlessly. According to the report, there were four people in the car and all of them walked away from the accident site on their own, receiving only minor or moderate injuries.
At the moment, there is no official police report on the incident. However, it was reported that the vehicle was not on Autopilot or Full Self-Driving. Also, Rein Logo said that he is a friend of the people who were in the car. His friends said it was raining at the time of the accident, the car was on summer tires, and the driver lost control.
Elon Musk Met The Environmental Minister, Who Strongly Supports Giga Berlin, Privately.
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  1. In Germany, politicians like the Environmental Minister have absolutely no power to influence what will happen when environmental issues are involved. That falls to the elite civil servants called the 'Beamter'. They can't be fired, removed, or influence. They are the arbitrators of what the politicians meant when they write laws. Only the courts can overturn what they decide.

  2. Go to supreme court and sue New York, those electric taxies will win at the end of the day. Must be a bribe from GM, Ford and Chrysler. Shame on those companies, don’t buy their vehicles people, go with TESLA. All of us would rather breath clean air in our cities.
    Little excuse they want to stabilize the market by not allowing 50 electric taxies. Bullshit, they got bribe from the 100 year old gasoline burning gurus, that failed to innovate. Shame !!!

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