Even after Nasa awarded its Artemis Lunar project to SpaceX, the company is still doubting the potential of the company’s Starship rocket. A NASA JPL insider has made some shocking statements about NASA and revealed that the company is ignoring the Starship despite the costs as it is still trapped in the old tech, and just won’t let go.

So, what more has the insider revealed about NASA? Let’s find out!

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In April, Nasa awarded SpaceX with the sole contract for the agency’s Human landing system program called “Artemis” under a competitive process. This contract was awarded to SpaceX on a bid worth 2.9 billion dollars and according to this contract signed between the two companies, NASA will use SpaceX’s starship rocket to deliver astronauts to the surface of the moon for the agency’s upcoming Artemis project.

There was a tough competition between SpaceX, Blue Origin and Dynetics over this project and initially Nasa said that they would allocate the project to two of the companies but later due to lower than expected funds from the congress, Nasa decided to give this project to only one company out of three.

After NASA made its decision official, blue origin was quick to protest with the US Government accountability office, but they denied the company’s appeal which made Bezos company Blue origin to escalate its legal action.

The U.S. Court of Federal Claims ruled against Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin on Thursday in the company’s lawsuit versus NASA over a lucrative astronaut lunar lander contract awarded to Elon Musk’s SpaceX earlier this year. However, this time Blue Origin did not stay quiet and filed a lawsuit against NASA for awarding this contract to SpaceX.

Around that time, blue origin also sent an open letter to Nasa’s administrator Bill Nelson, and offered to solve the issue by knocking off 2 billion dollars from the cost to develop a lander and self-funding a path finder mission in exchange for a contract. However, this approach by Blue Origin did not work either. Nasa argued that Blue origin gambled with its bid for the lunar project and it ultimately lost.

On may 26th Nasa’s attorney wrote in legal filings:
“the company made an assumption about the Agency’s [lunar lander] budget, built its proposal with this figure in mind, and also separately made a calculated bet that if NASA could not afford Blue Origin’s initially-proposed price, the Agency would select Blue Origin for award and engage in post-selection negotiations to allow Blue Origin to lower its price. All of these assumptions were incorrect,”

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  1. Biden has no brain cells, envy eats eats him from the inside when Musk accomplishes huge milestones.

  2. If NASA don't wake-up to themselves, they could find that Elon goes it alone and dumps NASA. Then he not only goes on to colomise Mars, but the Moon as well. With Starship, he coud do in a few years what would take NASA sevaral, if not more decades!

    NASA, even with the US President behind them could become also ran and remebered only for the first manned Moonlanding. Nothing more than a side note in the history books. In this day and age, wasting money on something that costs a 100 times more inspite of it being known that it can be done for a 100 times less is insane. Just thinking what that wasted amount of money could be used for instead of being burnt up on lift-off and multiplied 100 times because of the number of additional flights it will take to match just one using Starship.

    If this is the level of intelligence of the President of the US and NASA combimned, I'm surprised that A.I isn't already sitting in the oval office and running both The USA and NASA…
    As Eleon tweeted, they're still sleeping!

  3. Can Musk sacrifice a Falcon 9 and lander for Bezos and his Blue Origin CEOs in for a one way trip to the sun… It's where all Pedos should be sent to serve their sentences. INCLUDING THE DEMOCRAT PARTY…

  4. update, i love spacex & we just got our S dual motor fsd while the tri/4? motor fsd cybertruck gets here. i'm all in TSLA & i love all Elon Musk does & will keep doing..we've drove from California to Boca Chica to see the Star Ship & it was so awesome to see it getting built in person!! we have LOTS of SOLAR & backup battery system to charge them both

  5. Biden rolls where his income arrives from. His salary as President is not considered income by him. He is also a dumb person who has proven once again the Peter Principle is doing well in the Whitehouse

  6. In these days of planetary fear and despair, Elon Musk brings good news and power to advance the sanity and integrity of mankind.

  7. The reason why Elon doesn't like Biden is because he is a good judge of character and he knows Biden is a piece of shit and a criminal

  8. Joe Biden should show more respect to the Constitution. After all, it is only the Constitution birth stipulation that prevents Musk being drafted and voted into the White House. Perhaps it IS time for another Amendment.

  9. Why would you think the NASA establishment would welcome SpaceX with open arms? They have had a cush ride for over 50years since the initial Apollo landing in 1969. With the rapid advances of SpaceX, NASA' golden cow culture is under more scrutiny than ever. They really have only two choices– become a powerful partner and Ally with SpaceX or suffer the fall out of a total eclipse by SpaceX and the losses that go with it.

  10. The FAA just delayed approval for first Starship orbital flight…not surprising after Elon's public statements…maybe to give Artemis a chance to launch first??? Payback?? If they will use OSHA to mandate health policy for every working American, they would use FAA, EPA, etc to delay Spacex…

  11. sleepy Biden knows he's a threat to his presidency. 😂😁👍🏻🇬🇧💚💛❤️Go Elon for President. 🤯

  12. Elon is Mars Bezos is ONLY the Moon. That is the difference between a billionaire and a millionaire. Even though Bezos is a billionaire.

  13. First of all, these two billionaires should merge and should not be rivals. They should share technically and therefore contracts, funding and ultimately success.

  14. Nasa is a little bit but hurt being formerly the only game in town, so Nasa is kinda licking their wounds after being shown how to do things better by Space-X

  15. It would make sense that Joe Biden cut the NASA budget . Joe Biden invited all the major auto manufacturers to the EV summit at the White House and thanked GM for leading the way in EV’s . So it’s easy to deduce that Joe Biden cut the budget on purpose to slow Elon down . Guess what . They can’t

  16. You need to understand the thinking between government bains and private brains. There is no need to worry about money when government contracts are involved. They just raise taxes. Private brains understand there is a limit to the amount of money that can be spent in order to make product and payroll.

  17. Ironic bozos sites lack of competition since his business model is to eliminate all competition.

  18. Government big spending gives way to government embezzlement and moving large sum's of money around for different agencies/officials to do whatever they want to with those funds. If Nasa goes with SpaceX rockets design then they no longer have all the extra money to play with and so ends the era of government mis-use of taxpayers money!

  19. Look 👀 if the president wanted to he could shut down all of Elon musks business’s full stop 🛑??? Just saying???

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    Elon?! Send out invites to the White House for an all day tour of Star Base; show them what is what, how much it cost and who's paying for it.
    Biden?! Get off your high horse and invite Elon to The Oval Office for some donuts and coffee and explain yourself to Elon and let Elon explain his ideas and plans to you.
    Warren?! I was ready to vote for you to be our first female, U.S. President. Now all I can say is, go find another cause such as, Why do Mobile Phone companies charge your account for calls made to you (wanted or not) as well as calls you make? I'll be calling you on your 'mobile' every minute of the day. Hope you have enough minutes. BTW, same is true with 'texting'.

  21. NASA & the rest are just p!ssed they haven't a re-usable rocket. It's as simple as that IMO. NASA must find Cargo Dragon + Falcon 9 a bitter pill to swallow……resupplying the ISS with no crew !!!

  22. Biden made it VERY clear why he hates Elon when he invited Ford, GM, and that other unspeakable automaker… umm… something, something, something and NOT Tesla to the "Eve of EV" in The U.S.A. Biden made an extra effort to identify the EV market should be an U.S.A. ONLY company (no foreigners, thank you ) and … (drum roll) NO NON UNION SHOPS. Tesla is non-union in case you didn't know. Biden is from the OLD, OLD era of riots, protest and walking off the job if the workers were not allowed to 'Unionize'. He still believes in it without bothering to ask Tesla employees if they feel they need union representation. From what I have read, Tesla employees have GREAT salaries and benefits. Why rock the good ship, Tesla?

  23. Another awesome video! ❤️❤️ Am investing my time and money in crypto now, this new price is a clear sign for new investors to come in ✅✅…

  24. Elon is rubbing NASA's nose in it, or more correct the Top people that are caught in the 70's Technology after Von Braun demise. NASA has become a ship with out a Captain.

  25. Dude Yr The Man 🙂 NASA is obviously tied up in some big corruption type stuff that even the bin man knows about, sorry Biden knows about, them CIA cream off everywhere guy 🙂

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