Elon Musk JUST REVEALED Starlink 2.0!


Elon Musk JUST REVEALED Starlink 2.0!
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When compared with the old brands, the newborn Starlink has launched the largest number of satellites in orbit to date.
Elon Musk wants to do more, even though the company has more than 30 successful missions and over 1700 active satellites.
SpaceX is about to ship the next generation, gen 2 Starlink satellites into orbit, as Elon Musk hopes to build this mega constellation network that will have over 42,000 futuristic satellites.
The two main versions, 0.9 and 1.0 Starlink satellites have already launched and are currently in low earth orbit.
But now, for the first time, the company has launched the first constellations of their brand new 1.5 version, equipped with laser communication.
Elon Musk has confirmed more changes and upgrades in the time coming and in today’s video, we will explore what these improvements mean for the upcoming versions 1.5 and 2.0!

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  1. The financial model that Starlink is based upon is flawed. It will never be possible for Starlink to cover its own costs let alone provide the funds for the Starship Mars project. This year will see Starlink crash and burn and that commercial failure may do irreparable damage to SpaceX. I’m not anti-Musk by any means but Starlink is going to go the same way as SolarCity, effective bankruptcy.

  2. 6:10 – Yeah, suppose. but the payload of Starship at the moment is ZERO. Reaching the orbit is kind of on the horizon, but full reusabilty is at least tow years away, if everything goes perfectly.
    This lack of long term planning and changing directions like a headless chicken is worrisome.

  3. Starlink is all military people, and your paying for it. Just funding lord Elons scrapyard of crappy satellites. The Chinese are correct this will start ww3. He doesn't need that many. It's total bulls55t.

  4. Who was that one guy? Steve musk? Elon jobs? You know the person who we revel as a genius and one of the greatest human minds ever? No no, it was Ego Jobs. No, I remember now. It was Apple. I'm confused 😕

  5. Nice dude! I cant imagine how proud your family must be of you. Seriously you have come a long way from sharing an office with your brother and working. Happy new year to both of you who ever he is definitely had a key role in making you the man you are today.😎
    P.S. safe journeys -Steve

  6. Productive souls like this are everywhere, though many not recognised. Governments fail to produce anything on a scale of good that individuals do.

  7. I have to ask is it possible to build a orbital shipyard and or factory platform in space so we can build our space ships in space so we do not have to wore about getting the ship into space. so can we not make a better spaceship in this way? and yes i know this is kind of a stupid question but i am curious.

  8. I have been on the starlink beta test program since day one I am in an area that is known for 4 very poor internet service via cable or satellite. However, the starlink system has functioned as advertised right from the very start the first time, and even though due to bulshit Homeowner Association rules I had to place my starlink dishing up position where it occasionally has partial obstruction from large trees even so, I have had only three signal losses Each of which lasted less than three minutes in the entire time I've been using it. Average speed has been running about 80 to 100 megabits per second and I often see much higher and occasionally even 210 megabits per second. There is no service on the planets can offer what starlink already offers even with a fraction of their satellite constellation in position and functioning within the constellation Network. It is clear starlink will be the premier is not the only provider of true global internet service for the foreseeable future, and starlink will become the only service for the moon and for Mars in the very near future

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