Elon Musk Just Revealed NEW Genius Starlink Plans!


Elon Musk Just Revealed NEW Genius Starlink Plans!
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Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, announced on Twitter on October 14 that his satellite internet startup, Starlink, is in talks with airlines to provide in-flight internet. Musk’s disclosures came in response to a Twitter user’s question on if he had any plans in this area. Musk responded to the question by writing, “Yes, we are in discussions with airlines about implementing Starlink. If you want it on your aeroplane, please let them know. In the air, low latency half gigabit communication! “.. Despite teasing Starlink’s aspirations, the billionaire remained tight-lipped about which airline firms he is in talks with. According to CNBC, the satellite internet provider wants to launch as many as 12,000 satellites into low-Earth orbit, and has already launched 1,740 Starlink satellites. Starlink, which was founded in 2018, is currently testing its services in the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Chile, Canada, and Australia. Starlink also aims to offer the services to India since it sees the subcontinent as a potential market, and it may expand its operations there in the near future. “We will probably focus on ten rural Lok Sabha constituencies for 80 percent of the Starlink terminals sent to India,” Sanjay Bhargava, Starlink Country Director India at SpaceX, said recently in a LinkedIn post. The internet connection is estimated to have a latency of 20 to 40 milliseconds and a speed of 50 to 150 megabits per second.

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