Elon Musk Just EXPOSED Jeff Bezos's Biggest Mistake that makes Blue Origin will NEVER reach orbit…


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Elon Musk Just EXPOSED Jeff Bezos’s Biggest Mistake that makes Blue Origin will NEVER reach orbit…
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Elon Musk just revealed why Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin never reach orbit!!!

The two tech moguls, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, are, respectively, the richest man in the world and the second richest man in the world.
At one point they both gave the impression that they did not agree on anything and especially that they were opposed to each other. But for the past few weeks, it seems that the two tech tycoons have been liking each other. At least the CEO of Tesla and the former CEO of Amazon decided to rebel against the politicians.
They have recently appeared as opponents of the Biden administration’s economic policy and more particularly of the White House’s responses to inflation, which is at its highest in 40 years.
Tesla and Amazon also have in common that they are anti-union strongholds. But President Biden is a union supporter.
Musk and Bezos also seem concerned about growing homelessness in big cities like San Francisco and Seattle. They believe that the private sector can provide part of the answer.
However, these rapprochements do not prevent the two men from being rivals.
And Musk seems to need this rivalry, a healthy rivalry in the conquest of space with Bezos in particular. He has just scolded his billionaire peer by asking him to make an important choice. It all started with a poll that the serial entrepreneur organized on Twitter asking the social network users if they trusted billionaires less than politicians.
Elon Musk Just EXPOSED Jeff Bezos’s Biggest Mistake that makes Blue Origin will NEVER reach orbit…
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  1. The only billionaire here I would trust is of course Elon Musk. I don't like Jeff Bezos. Since he's is basically the owner of the Washington Compost, I don't trust him much, although he might be an okay guy in some respects, and I love the company he started, Amazon. But George Soros and Bill Gates are absolute dirt bags.

  2. The billionaires are all too far removed from reality and their bickering is kids playground worthy.

  3. Why would we trust a billionaire before we trust a politician they're all the same f**** assholes who don't care about nothing but make it America for and other countries richer big/out to China the opposite of what Trump was trying to do but Joe Biden spent his first day in office reversing everything that Trump did in a year he reverse it all in less than an hour but that's alright what comes around goes around now he's got Alzheimer's disease and can't speak any English other than what Obama tells him to say but guess what I got to tell all you billionaires all that money then do your betty Goodwin all them countries that hate us go to World War 3 with us there's more countries that hate us and like us I can't blame them though especially starting with the American Indians and then going to pubu call herself Americans ain't none of us Americans were all migrants from other countries

  4. Lmao, just nonchalantly calling Brietbart a "far-right publication," while simultaneously labeling George Soros a "philanthropist and billionaire." Even as the country hurtles off the cliff, the architects of its destruction still can't see past their noses ( somebody voted for the recently recalled Chesa Boudin and soon-to-be-recalled George Gascon, whose campaigns were both funded by Soros).

  5. Working together is better than too many parties, Elon Musk is a man always to trust because he believes in hard work and less management, Bezos needs to believe in Musk.

  6. Maybe Great SpaceX needs to take a vacation and find some new content whist on hiatus?

  7. why are you reporting this bill gates/george soros conspiracy theory BS from brietbart like its real news. please stop

  8. Woohoo!!! Finally we have the PEA from FAA….I'm so happy that I'm sobbing and laughing at the same time.😂

  9. Get to work on this right away. The FAA just cleared SpaceX for super heavy launch.

  10. I'm sorry I don't trust politicians and or wealthy people are the problem to this world famine greed kills

  11. When it come to Trust, my trust is in Musk. He dares to do things in a way to get results. He does not quit and push others to push his dream. He hires people that believe as he does, that if humanity is to survive and thrive, we need to become a multi planet species. And we need that to happen earlier and not later. I have always distrusted both Bazos and Gates to do what needs to be done to move us forward.

  12. Musk is not anti-union. He has said he will allow his employees to form a union if they wish to do so but they don't. He accurately states that unions hamper productivity. Bozo on the other hand has actively engaged in trying to prevent his employees from forming a union. Big difference

  13. Why is it that an intelligent person like Musk and a Bond-villain-caricature like Bezos don't understand, that inflation is mainly caused by global conditions such as a war and post-pandemic overheated market, and can only marginally be influenced by even the president of USA.

  14. I don't think that people understand what is going on. Elon is an educated engineer and his understanding and insights help move his companies forward. Jeff is just a salesman. Sure he can swoop in and present a plan and convince people with his well tailored verbiage. However when it comes to actually dealing with a problem, he has no knowledge or understanding where he could be of real use. Not to totally dismiss the efforts that lead to Amazon or even Microsoft to the place where they are today. It is just the difference between real innovation and building off of other people's ideas.

  15. Bill Gates is a real enemy and controller of human beings, Jeff Bezos is for humans but is building his strong holds spiritually and is treading water for this Poly-Tickle organization to subside. Elon Musk is extremely pro earth 🌎 and is beneficial to us all including those that unfortunately are against him and hate him. Don't hate Elon, hate and take responsibility for your own actions, thoughts, and or negative actions that he through positive motivational inspirations, concepts to realities, and so forth are benefiting all pro life lifeforms. 😉. Sadly we're all interconnected, especially when you can tell the best… by the worst! Uplifting each other is human nature ❤️, please implement your natural self and way of being.

  16. you call people 'far right' and 'conservative' but I don't hear you call anyone 'liberal' and 'far left' – why?

  17. Horrible grammar….
    I want to know the companies that are anti free speech so I can boycott them.

  18. God! I can't stand looking at any images of that that over aged nurd, Bill Gates. He has the perfect frame of the that prescribed for, The Carnaval Geek.

  19. She selling her body o= what showing her private parts wife from Jeff bezos, yap

  20. Question, where are the BE-4 engines for Vulcan rocket? All this talk and no action. Launch a rocket already

  21. Trusting a billionaire is as foolish as trusting a rabid dog. Elon, Bezo, billy-boy Gates … none of them honestly have your good at heart. Gates, in my mind, is by far the worse of the three. His reasons for what he is doing is not even hidden. Power and Authority over you and your life. What you eat, how you live, what you learn, how you think, what you believe, how you worship Gates wants to control all of this, and he is not alone in this push.

  22. Quick typo/grammar correction: In the title where it says "that makes Blue Origin" it should probably say "that means Blue Origin".

  23. For years (no – decades) I've watched the space programs creep along at a snail's pace, fearful to dream lest the politicians cut their funding? Then Along Came Musk (a variation to the tune of the song "Along Came Jones" by Ray Stevens) I would like to see some cooperation for some things between the two in the space industries. I think Bezos would do well to build a space hotel as well as tourism in space. He knows how to promote products. Musk, on the other hand could do the heavy lifting of the materials to build said hotel in orbit. When a lunar colony is established enough for regular tourism, the basics would also be in place. They have tourist friendly equipment, more and more, these days and if William Shatner could go up comfortably, the prices will eventually come down. I also saw a recent (seemingly plausible) method of digitally printing a circular space station in orbit. The tech is finally catching up to the dreams, IMO. The big problems might be with terrorism in the next century, perhaps?

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