Elon Musk Just DEPLOYED This Deadly Armed Satellite To STOP Russia!


Elon Musk Just DEPLOYED This Deadly Armed Satellite To STOP Russia!
Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been awarded a contract to produce satellites for the United States. Its first contract to develop military satellites was with the Department of Defense. Wanna know more?
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In today’s video, we’ll tell you about Elon Musk’s deadly armed satellites to counter the Russian threat. And, let’s find out in this video.
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Almost 2,000 Starlink satellites have already been launched by SpaceX, with thousands more expected to launch in the coming years, with a target of 42,000 satellites in all. Their main goal is to bring high-speed internet to everyone in the world, including many distant areas that have hitherto been without reliable connectivity.
SpaceX was allocated $149 million to create four satellites by the Space Development Agency on October 5, while defense contractor L3Harris was awarded $193.5 million to build four more satellites.

According to reports, the satellites will be used to detect intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) as part of the Tracking Layer program. The concept is to deploy satellites with a large field of view to give continuous global coverage.
The Space Development Agency said in a statement that “the ability exhibited by the Tracking Layer Tranche 0 will offer missile warning and tracking information to national defense authorities, as well as tracking and cueing data for missile defense systems.”
According to Space News, all eight satellites must be operational by September 2022, with each having infrared capabilities for “detecting and tracking advanced missile threats from low Earth orbit.”
The design of SpaceX’s satellites will be based on the Starlink mega constellation, which is a proposed group of over 12,000 spacecraft that will broadcast the internet to Earth from orbit. SpaceX has now launched almost 2,000 Starlink satellites over the course of a dozen flights, including one today.

It’s unclear how these new military satellites will compare to existing Starlink satellites, and no details are expected to be made public. However, this contract is a significant boost for SpaceX, which is firmly entrenched as the world’s premier commercial space enterprise.
SpaceX claims to be capable of producing 120 Starlink satellites each month. Because of their flat-packed form, they can be launched in stacks of 60 before being split in orbit. They will eventually be able to communicate with each other using laser communication.

In an interview with Space News, Space Development Agency Director Derek Tournear claimed that SpaceX’s proposal to employ the same satellite design as its Starlink satellites was “very plausible.” “The selection is based on technical merit,” he noted, “but the schedule takes precedence.”
While SpaceX has flown military satellites in the past, it has yet to build military satellites. However, the United States has already done so. Army has expressed interest in using its Starlink network for activities on Earth, and now it appears that the same satellite technology could be employed elsewhere as well.

Meanwhile, Chinese military observers have grown increasingly concerned about SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network’s potential to aid the US military’s dominance of space, particularly in the aftermath of the Ukraine war, when Elon Musk activated Starlink satellites to restore communications that had been disrupted by Russian troops shelling.

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  3. this seems very dangerous for the government to control everyone. they will be able to basically control what we watch when we watch it. To me this is almost like hitler

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  5. I suspect the Biden administration and it's minions are putting out this stuff to make Elon Musk a target for the Russian agents. Biden and folks would love to get rid of Musk.

  6. Godsend mission. As Musk said he wants Good for Humanity. His critics rants his so-called lack of contribution to philanthropy. They FORGET he use his own money on most of his projects ..!!! ✔️

  7. After Putin has so weakened Russia and the “Russian army”, I wouldn’t be surprised that he won’t exist in her present form at all. In fact China may just achieve her 70 year quest to annex Mongolia and abandon Taiwan altogether…both politically and militarily more viable, besides Mongolia has OIL and China DOES NOT!!!

  8. President Puto didn't get the message to stay home.
    Pooh Bear must be shaking in his panda slippers.

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  10. Awesome! Continue on, Mr. Musk, you are our inspiring present and hope for an uncertain future.

  11. I believe Elon Musk is genius who God sent to protect United States from being taken over by communism and to undo the damage Obama and Biden socialism have done to our country!!

  12. Go Mr. Musk. No matter if you buy Twitter our voices will still be heard. Gods in full control.


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