Elon Musk Gives Out A Chilling Message About The Upcoming Spacex Human Mars Mission


Elon Musk gives out chilling message about the upcoming SpaceX humans Mars Mission. Today, we take a look at what Elon Musk said about the recent Mars mission.

Elon Musk has said that a bunch of people will probably die’ during SpaceX’s early missions to Mars. Elon was talking with the founder of the X Prize Foundation when he made the comments. Elon along with officials at spacex have said they plan to get humans on the red planet by the year 2026, with them saying that this is several years before NASA.

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  1. Stoppd' watching when the cow hoax started… ?‍♂️
    ya must use your own head…and not what Hawking delusionally aberated ??? cows are farting away the planet… ok ?
    Why never mentioning Texaco and other huge planet leading corporations ?

  2. Would someone PLESE jam this video down John Kerry's face hole and the lamestream media(thank you Donald Trump) as well. Why isnt old crypto-John Kerry not talking about how unenviromentally friendly all his privite jet trips have been or the water vapour and methane from cow crap…His lies are more cow crap than the actual physical cow crap.

  3. Anyone seen the tic toc vid of the news reporter admitting the vaccines will kill you. He slipped up said that they can't find anymore people to get euthanized. No bullshit. Also the pope admitted he led everyone to hell that followed him.

  4. With all that is going on with the planet today the threat of World War 3 with Russia or China. I would take that trip to Mars even though I wouldn't be coming back. It would be better than getting annihilated in World War 3.

  5. It is the GOP that poses the single greatest risk to humanity's survival, as pointed out by Noam Chomsky and many other intellectuals. Yes, a good whack from space would possibly do it, but there's no need for an asteroid when you have a Gang Of Psychopaths pursuing nihilism.

  6. For crying out LOUD! Fix this Planet, give back to the Planet Earth that gave us everything, don't listen to an elitist moron who has money enough to play Martians with human lives. This is insanity & if your okay with polluting & killing the Planet that has raised your arse then abandon her when your done your worst, then please FO to Mars & please don't come back.

  7. It would be nice to colonize another planet or Moon that would be great. Maybe we could just turn it into one big huge jail for all the criminals in the world that can't do right and society here put him in jail on the moon and she I like it. But I think it's pretty cool with the ideas that these guys are coming up with. By the time I'm old and almost dead the technology will be so good that I probably won't even be able to work it

  8. Earth is the universe’s spiritual and physical prison. God is not going to allow humans to escape earth unscathed.

    “Though they dig down to the depths below, from there my hand will take them. Though they climb up to the heavens above, from there I will bring them down.”
    ‭‭Amos‬ ‭9:2

  9. Humans are awesome, the planet will end one day after running whatever course but before the end humans will throw there amazing ingenuity and grit in to surviving, but by then we will be colonizing,travelling to far distant places, live and stop worrying,love you're friends and family and take each day as the blessing it is on our beautiful home EARTH

  10. There is no point of spending that extra money on the people of earth. The BLM movement will just destroy, burn, vandalize, & loot any projects that would benefit the human race.

  11. There is NO evidence that we have global warming, many scientists disagreeand say there is no none. Logic and science tell us we can never go to mars. Nasa have been lying for years, go and watch a film called
    " A funny thing happened on the way to the moon "
    Musk is talking poppycock how he has the cheek to stop smirking knowing we are all gullible enough to be taken in. Look at the situation now here practically the whole plane is locked up in thier abodes. NASA = never a stright answer

  12. Its like being on a job site, in the middle of nowhere, and you forgot a few tools!!! Send a Filipino, or a Mexican..They are creative genuis!!!

  13. What makes this chilling? Its just common sense, ok people dying isn't nice but people striking out over 100's of millions of miles away from our breathable air and warmth. Traveling in a spacecraft then landing on mars, living in a capsule and only going out inside a sealed spacesuit/mars-suit is like living inside a submarine for years on nothing but recycled air and water, the food you brought with you and the company of a select few in the same boat. There will be accidents just like there is in any new exploration frontier but holy crap its inspiring! Just like Shacklton with the south pole expidition and after a few decades now we have a number of permanent settlement's there.

  14. Stephen Hawking very smart man but he's no prophet his prediction of earth future is not Bible ok so good luck on believing what he's trying to say

  15. Before humans and cow farms: there was just as many wild Lrg animals in the forests. The issue is a lack of trees, non sustainable farms & chemicals being dumped in our oceans. Oh and too many humans. ?

  16. This is a very important subject and deserves to be presented better with perfect narration. The narration in this episode is slurred and boring, please give this narrator, or computer voice, some diction lessons. ??. Otherwise good subject!!

  17. Isn't it strange that only mostly rich people who don't have to worry about wealth actually know/realise that money doesn't mean anything, money is worthless the material its printed on has more value. Money really is just a word, nothing more. Kinda strange when you think about it ?

  18. The inventions of oil fracking ,gas ,and nuclear mining, enigines cars planes ,ect is what is destroying our atmosphere,and cutting of all trees

  19. I know I’ll be long gone by the time comes of earths inability to be lived on, unfortunately I’m a firm believer in reincarnation. So I’m quite possibly screwed either way. Damn.

  20. Question is how will souls reincarnate at location of new found planet? how will the children be? Would it turn into a struggle with God to properly raise and be responsible like the Anunakis and Earthlings.?

  21. If they were serious about CO2 emissions the prime emitters are planes and rockets. CO2 is used by plants to make oxygen zero CO2 is human extinction. It’s like filling. Crack in a leaking damn before filling the giant hole.

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