Elon Musk Exposed A BRUTAL Truth About Jeff Bezos


The two of the most successful businessmen, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos clearly have a tough competition going on with each other. The founder of Amazon has boycotted Elon Musk and suing his company space exploration company SpaceX because of the lunar contract NASA awarded to it. So, what are some of the issues going on between the two billionaires? And How is Elon Musk reacting to it? Let’s find out!

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This rivalry between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos dates back to the year 2014 when they both met for a dinner. In that particular meeting, Musk tried to give some tips to Bezos about building rockets and he stated that:
“I actually did my best to give good advice which he largely ignored”
Both SpaceX and Blue Origin were just start ups at that time. Bezos started his company Blue Origin in 2000 and invested a great sum of his net worth on the company which he earned as the CEO of Amazon. On the other hand, Musk started SpaceX two years later with the money he got after selling his company called X.com to paypal. For almost a decade, the two of them were just focused on building their companies but things started to get weird in 2013 when SpaceX secured a long term lease of launchpad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space center in Florida and Musk had planned to take off Apollo moon missions from there. However, Bezos was not very happy about this deal so, Blue Origin filed a formal protest with NASA to cancel out this deal and prevent SpaceX from using the Launchpad exclusively.

Blue Origin argued that it should be used a commercial spaceport for all launch companies. In reaction to this protest Must responded that Blue origin has not developed a reliable suborbital spacecraft even after spending almost a decade in development so it is highly unlikely that they will succeed in doing so for the next 5 years which is the length of the lease. Musk also mocked blue origin saying:

“Frankly I think we are more likely to discover unicorns dancing in the flame duct”

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  1. It’s mind boggling.OF COURSE nasa was going to give it to space x they could look at boca chica Texas and see prototypes been built and tested with reusability and what blue Origin with dynetics Had cardboard cut outs in a wear house.

  2. So they both know about the asteroids and meteor trails following the nibiru systems. Is either going to let the general populace know..

  3. If you could put a environmentally controlled room with windows on top of Everest , the view would be amazing.

  4. In response to Bezos saying a mountain top is more hospitable than Mars, is this not the guy aiming for space outposts? As in, actual floating stations in outer space? Is the vacuum of space somehow MORE hospitable than Mars?

  5. Bezos is going to be again sitting in his mom & daddies garage sketching his head at, wtf just happened if he doesn't pull his head out his A$$

  6. They need to squash the beef , chicken, and pork and work together for once and try to make light of the situation. I understand 2 alphas in the room just don't work but if stark and Roger's can do it then musk and bezos can ss well!

  7. he needs to stop wasting money on lawyers etc,keep up the good work dont get dismayed by elon progress,elon musk needs the competition if other billionares dont compete for such a cause for our future children then space travel will be so much slower,,dam it would be good if governments could spend a bit of money on this,maybe bill gates could help out from covid profits lols

  8. Elon needs to forget Mars though, too many huge problems, and the solutions sound like Dunning & Kruger efforts. It's dead for good reasons, no iron core, limited water, retaining an atmosphere in low gravity, average temperatures. The problems are surmountable but is it worth it? Maybe underground, heat glazed and sealed walls – but that could done on the moon.

  9. Just a thought, as soon as Blue Origin gets to orbit All will be forgiven.

    The more the merrier that way everybody wins👍

  10. Boring, old news with click bait B.S. title. I detest the 'gimme everything for nothing' YouTubers who regurgitate unverified and unresearched info. Get a life!

  11. Sorry bro but this only caters to people that don't follow Elon closely, know his story already and have watched all his interviews and talks. Great effort though 👏

  12. Envy; that’s what fuels Jeff Bezos’ actions against Elon Musk. Jeff should overcome it and go hands-on producing new innovations himself!

  13. Bezos has already lost the lawsuit re: the lunar lander contract, but you failed to mention THAT fact…

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