Elon Musk Explains Why Tesla Survived

Full interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODpuYSG4eQc&t=357s
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  1. Tesla survived for many reason why other non profitable tech companies survive. The venture capital ponzi scheme. Constant rounds of funding, passing the risk on to next investor.

  2. Anyone who has studied Tesla and Edison understands that Tesla's grasp of science was far superior to Edison's. Edison was a dolt compared to Tesla. Tesla's tech was purposely not allowed to be released for public consumption by evil, greedy men. So to discover that Elon expressed a preference for Edison is all I need to know about him. He's a dolt to prefer Edison, as well as an evil, greedy Deep State tool.

  3. Elon has never been well spoken in public. It always sounds like he's choking. But, I deffinitely respect and appreciate his accomplishments. I wonder how he speaks when not in public.

  4. If everyone spent some time as a valet, Tesla would be doing even better. I drove the best Mercedes, Lamborghinis, an Audi A10, a few Bentleys, and Tesla’s. By FAR my favorite car to drive was ANY Tesla. By far

  5. Yes please cite the video properly.. THE DATE?!?!? Otherwise you’re just as bad as Trump and misinformation… you are pedalling not facts, not science but fucking bullshit if you DONT CITE STUFF properly…

  6. Sucks running a public company? You sure about that? Don’t you love how easily it is for you to liquidate your stock into cash? ?‍♂️

  7. Yeah – the real motive for Daimler's investment lifesaver in 2009 remains a mystery. In my view Tesla were doing something that Daimler wanted to do themselves but didn't dare to be seen to be doing. Too many powerful opposing vested interests prevented Daimler and some others from being seen to genuinely commit to EVs – so Daimler helped Tesla do what they themselves didn't dare do. And those opposing vested weren't and aren't just oil companies – but the whole gamut of all the usual suspects: eg. after sales, parts suppliers, dealerships, unions, auto repair shops, petrol/gas station operators, reactionary major global "Auto Alliances", including Europe's ACEA…
    As for EV subsidies: annually and globally over $5 trillion is given in subsidies to fossil fuel companies. And what about the huge – some might say obscene – geopolitical and environmental cost of the world's addiction to oil and to gasoline and the junkie-like addiction to gasoline-powered cars/vehicles ?
    Factor in all those invisible "externalities" into the price of gasoline at the gas station and drivers almost everywhere would be paying 3-4 times as much per gallon/litre as they are now – and a major global EV transition would have happened long ago – and big time.
    Paul G

  8. A bit of self deprecating humor but not accurate. If not for subsidy, sales shenanigans with ultra rich lefties, outright lies as far as manipulating stock, and star-eyed goodwill investors willing to tank their funds based on his celebrity…

    Yeah, he's not as innocent as he tries to act.

  9. I’m glad they survived because out of the ashes we can build a better world, too bad people fight tooth and nail to keep the world as they know it and won’t take any steps to change it for the better

  10. I like his honesty, you don’t get that much from the industry head honchos.
    It’s no wonder people like him, he’s easily relatable to on a human level.
    I wish Tesla all the best in the future.

  11. Hi Elon I want to save the earth. Can u give me an electric car for free please just to help me out to do my job

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