Elon Musk Explains Tesla Superchargers' Pricing for non-Tesla EVs


In a recent Q2, 2021 Earnings Calls Elon Musk explained how Tesla Superchargers will work for other electric vehicles and said Tesla Superchargers will have to adopt time-based pricing for non-Teslas EVs.

According to Elon Musk, owners of non-Tesla electric vehicles would have to download the Tesla App to access the Supercharger Network. Users would then have to indicate which stall they would be charging in, before plugging in their electric vehicles and initiating the charging session. Musk noted that this Tesla App-based system would likely work with any other manufacturer’s cars.

Musk, however, noted that pricing for the Supercharger Network among non-Tesla EVs would be time-based, especially among vehicles that are not designed to charge as rapidly as Tesla’s vehicles. Peak and off-peak rates would be implemented as well.

“There will be time constraints. If the charge rate is super slow, then somebody will be charged more because the biggest constraint at the Supercharger is time, how occupied is the stall. And we’ll also be smarter with how we charge for electricity at the Supercharger. So rush hour charging will be more expensive than off-hours is charging because there are times when the Superchargers are empty and times when they’re jam-packed. And so it makes sense to have some time-based discrimination,” Musk said.

He also said “In Europe and China and most parts of the world, it’s the same connector for everyone, so this is a fairly easy thing to do. We developed our own connector, which in my opinion is actually the best connector, it’s small and light and looks good and above standard. So we developed our own connector, which in my opinion actually the best connector. It’s small and light and looks good. So an adapter is needed to work for EVs in North America. But people could buy this adapter. And we anticipate having it available at the Superchargers as well if people don’t sort of steal them or something,” Musk said.

Musk also talked about the positive aspect of Tesla opening its Supercharger network to other non-Tesla electric vehicles.

“Obviously, for the Supercharger Network to be useful to other car companies’ cars, we need to grow the network faster than we’re growing vehicle output, which is not easy. We’re growing vehicle output at a hell of a rate. So Superchargers need to grow faster than vehicle output. This is a lot of work for the Superchargers team, but it is only useful in the grand scheme of things. Just only useful to the public if we’re able to grow faster than Tesla vehicle output. So that is our goal,” Musk said.

There is also a view that says “If you want to charge at a Tesla SC go buy a Tesla. Why should Tesla owners wait behind a bunch of Fords or GM. Let the other companies invest in a charging network as Tesla has.”

But the response to this view is “expand your thinking. Additional revenue is used to expand the network. It’s a statistical mathematics fact that if you have a larger (fleet with a larger) network it has relatively better throughput (expected for a single customer) than having a smaller network with a smaller fleet. Don’t worry, be happy about the expansion.”
Overall, Tesla’s Supercharging expansion to other EVs is good news.


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  1. Hi there, seeing your background, do you need a painter? I am the only professional painter in the Uk (probably) who has a Tesla.??

  2. Remember, half of America only thinks about themselves, they are the big picture. They don't think that if it benefits everyone it would benefit them as well.

  3. I predict the following: According to german law the prices must be clearly and readily written on the stations. In Austria the same laws apply and the prices are not allowed to change more then once a day. Thats not possible on the Supercharger stations. Tesla will be sued for sure. Maybe they exclude Germany and Austria from charging foreign cars? And there surely are many more legislative hurdles to overcome for Tesla in Europe if they try this. Interesting times ahead! ?

  4. I think Tesla should build a bunch of 100kwh stalls for vehicles that cannot charge at a high rate.

    Limit the stall you can use by your possible charging rate.

    You are not allowed in a 200kwh stall if you can only charge at 100kwh.

  5. It's a fantastic idea. But Tesla needs to be aggressive and strategic with their charging expansion. I guess there will be a lot of baking-in in terms of pricing. The prices can change on the flight depending on the type of data coming in (especially data coming in from the app). So Yea double down on the charging network. Perhaps give teslas special incentives for charging at specific charges to disperse the fleet a bit- For example, you see a charger and its full, the car could suggest a better charging location and give incentives for charging there instead of the one that's full.

  6. I don’t think you understand peak vs off peak hours. This has to do with the utility company rates (high demand times of the day = peak, low demand times of the day = off peak). – not rush hour / how many cars are waiting to charge. Please do your due diligence edits posting – you’re starting to lose credibility.

  7. Also on pricing for non Tesla cars charging at Tesla super chargers:

    1. Tesla must charge at least what the same as the most expensive non Tesla public ? chargers. —This is because if not, Tesla would just be subsidizing competitors and—

    2 Non Tesla owners would arbitrage the public chargers, using Tesla if it is cheaper, clogging up Tesla’s super chargers.

  8. I think this is a good idea! I think the problem that I see is that Musk must make the supercharger almost infallible. In the world we live in people are SUE crazy. If something happens to their expensive EV they will jump to get a piece of Elon Musk pie.

  9. A bad idea. And if this will happen the other electric vehicles should finance the other Tesla drivers. With others word: price reduction for Tesla drivers when a foreign electric vehicle is taking Tesla’s space for charging. Furthermore: higer rates for the others.

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