Elon Musk Destroying a Russian Spy Satellite Changed Everything!


Elon Musk Destroying a Russian Spy Satellite Changed Everything!
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When Russia targeted SpaceX’s satellite communications network Starlink, it opened a legal box of worms. Elon Musk is never afraid to fight. Even with a superpower like Russia. However, SpaceX’s decision to provide satellite internet to Ukraine has brought up a whole new can of worms. SpaceX, a private aerospace company, has successfully launched another US spy satellite into orbit, this time using a recycled Falcon 9 rocket to transport its payload into space. The operation, which launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California on Sunday, was the first time a US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) satellite was launched into orbit using a previously used rocket. In February, the Falcon 9 was utilized to launch an NRO satellite.Wanna know more? Let’s find out!

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