Elon Musk: Crypto is SPECULATION


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Elon Musk: Crypto is SPECULATION
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  1. Blockchain is the future, not Bitcoin. It's only a store of value. There's other coins that do a lot more just like a company does.

  2. There will definitely be some crypto that will be the future. I don't think it could be Bitcoin because of its very high volatility. But there might be something out there…

  3. Elon is very logical, he took precautions against covid when it was unknown, when the numbers came out he stopped wearing a mask. He’s definitely a numbers guy for sure pure data no bullshit

  4. Elon Musk finaly wears a mask?? I got same mask too Dear Elon, exept I wrapt it through my head, since I ve got a medium curly Hair, though! ?

  5. When a guy who put all his money into a venture which he thought unlikely to be successful, says not to invest life savings in crypto, I think we should listen ?

  6. Smart man, promoting and manipulating this crypto garbage so he can buy up and hoard the silver and gold extremely cheap for his EV and spaceX companies that eat up precious metals… when will people see through the bullshit!?

  7. Don’t believe that Elon Musk bought Bitcoins! ?
    Maybe they gave it to him for Free… to attract more victims into the Speculation of bitcoins….. Bitcoins now has it’s own eco system …
    Nobody could stop it, Nobody could prohibit it and Nobody could use it!
    A lot of countries could mine or generate their own Crypto currency, they don’t have to use Bitcoins?
    Doesn’t make sense! ?

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