Elon Musk CRASHES BITCOIN. SELLING all of my Bitcoin…


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  1. The reason why a large population is looking at Elon in a bad light is not because "were smarter then you", its the hypocrisy and childish market manipulation he enforces. No one is dumb enough to believe Elon didn't know the energy consumption of Bitcoin. That didnt stop him from buying 1.5 billion of it though. His endless tweets about doge coin, which is a e-waste clone of a clone that has no original framework, team, or real development plan. It's propped up by big whales and reddit. This, in combination with the fact he passes on talking about actual innovative coins like Cardano which has garnered deals with Africa, is energy efficient, has smart contracts coming online in the next couple of months etc…. There will always be meme coins, but if you are a real spokesperson who actually cares for the future then promote actual coins that you know….. do something. Tweeting randomly to knowingly manipulate crashes or pumps isn't a spokesperson people who actually care about the community want.

  2. God how fucking retarded is the human population now?

    Within 5 second I read two comments one stating " bitcoin miners don't use gpus" and " it's the circuit shortage affecting gpus not miners."

    I've never read something as dumb as those two comments

  3. You are right, Elon is being willfully ignorant, but the people buying Shiba and safemoon and not crypto enthusiasts, they are money enthusiasts

  4. This just goes once again to prove that Bitcoin is a speculative asset. It is not a stable store of value.
    Stack precious metals! They PROBABLY wont make you wealthy but they haven't died in thousands of years.

  5. Like Ethe?eum Classic, VeChain has been on a downtrend since the second week of May, with the altcoin having hit an ATH of its own back in April. At the moment V'E'T’s rate of depreciation had accelerated somewhat on the back of b!tcoin’s fall below $40,000, a fall somewhat precipitated by China reiterating an old ‘ban’ on b!tcoin and speculative trading. In fact, VET fell by almost 15% in less than 20 hours of the news breaking out. Understandably, this had a corresponding effect on the crypto’s technical indicators: while Awesome Oscillator’s histogram pictured a resurgence in bearish market momentum, Chaikin Money Flow dropped sharply to touch zero as capital outflows gained strength. Expect some sideways movement before the volumes jump further because the v0latility nature of the crpytO asset is a plus for trαders because it's good for trαdiing and if trαdes are placed correctly that's constant profits which in turn increases your portfolio, which is why I copy trade with Burwell Coleman because his trαde signals are the most accurate and I have been making 6btc every month for the last eight months in a row. His on ահαեsαթթ (+44 7723 022159) and [email protected] ([email protected]). Burwell is so good that I can attest to the accuracy of his trαde s!gnαls which is why I would recommend him for any trαder looking to stay profitable.

  6. Warren Buffet: "Cryptocurrencies basically have no value" Thats it. Its a scam. Dont go from one scam (bitcoin) to another (dogecoin). They will all loose in the end.

  7. Elon Musk plan was to destroy the bitcoin and all pseudo currencies. These waste unbelievable amounts of electricity.

  8. You're wrong. Peter McCormack has a talent for ugliness. He's a total douchebag, if you can just delete him from your reality, your mind will be changed. You don't want to backslide to just stonks and web-development, you'd just fade to black.

    The mouse is out the cage and escaped to the Stellar Lumens Network
    Bitcoin with 99% of crypto will disappear. If you have $$ in other coins take them out NOW and put them in XLM, Doge-token, TheStorm, WeThePeoplewhich is on Stellar Network that will survive the regulation.
    XLM is the new digital silver,
    which will once again regain its true value!

    Buy and hold never sell a thing. Those who do will only regret later.

    God’s Speed Patriots!

  10. Wish Dump father can shut his mouth and not become a Trump. All dump father talk is trash. Wish he can focus on Tesla where labor laws are broken every day and no covid death reported to the city of Fremont to avoid the production halt. His most workers coming to work under drug influence and they are building autonomous vehicles which scares the heck out. No I am not making it, do independent search how Tesla gets the cheap labor and most inmates to work for them which is mind blowing.

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