Elon Musk Confirms New Upgrade of Raptor 2.0, Blue Origin Successfully Tests New Giant Nosecone


Elon Musk confirms new upgrade of Raptor 2.0, Blue Origin successfully tests new giant nose cone
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Elon Musk revealed in 2019 that Raptor just achieved power level needed for Starship & Super Heavy on February 7th, 4 days later Elon said: Much above 300 bar main chamber pressure means extreme oxygen preburner pressure of 700 to 800 + bar. Definitely pushing the limit of known physics.
and to this day Elon has asserted that: 320 bar is achievable, maybe even 330.
Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture is still months away from the first launch of its orbital-class New Glenn rocket, but tests that were recently conducted at NASA’s Glenn Research Center are boosting confidence that the rocket’s cavernous nose cone, or fairing, will work as intended.

In a video released today via Twitter and Instagram, Blue Origin touted the first jettison test of the 7-meter-wide (23-foot-wide) fairing at Glenn Research Center’s Armstrong Test Facility Space Environments Complex in Ohio. The test was designed to ensure that the fairing would split apart cleanly to allow for payload deployment.

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