Elon Musk: Best Advice for New Entrepreneurs


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Elon Musk: Best Advice for New Entrepreneurs

  1. He’s lying he did it by not making cars better but by making the product slightly different. And quality control has been the issue. I do not own one but have seen enough to see “qc” problems from my phone with dashes and non matching panel gaps I love the idea and I love Elon but you won’t always tell the secrets to making billions don’t just do it better do it differently!

  2. Elon is all time my favourite …you are my inspiration belive me I have changed a lot by listening your speech and ideas

  3. If service has to be much better then why is it so hard to get parts from Tesla to install yourself? I have never had this problem with any other tech or car company ?

  4. This is why Tesla succeeded despite tremendous quality issues that would have sunk just another ICE carmaker. The PRODUCT was high tech electric family vehicles that smoked supercars off the line, and just keep getting better.

  5. Now all bow Down to him, because he is making Electric cars, which are totally not climate friendly, not Human friendly, actually polluting a lot to make, and could potentially Be hacked. Gasoline cars cannot be hacked. 🙂 gasoline cars, even diesel is more enviromental friendly than Electric cars, now chew on that.

  6. He is such a fraud. When called out for things that have no possibility of working he resorts to name calling. In typical fashion nothing is ever his fault and accepts no responsibility for his failings.

  7. People in the comments talking about him getting stuck talking, bruh idfk about Elon but I get stuck talking all the time and it's usually cuz I'm thinking of multiple things simultaneously, but usually dumb shit..

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