Elon Musk Backs Bitcoin? Roger Accepts $1 Million Bet & Surprise Bitcoin.com Teaser Announcement


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All the latest Bitcoin Cash news presented this week by Roger Ver, CEO of bitcoin.com and Corbin Fraser, one of the lead developers from bitcoin.com.

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► Bitcoin.com Wallet | Passes 3 Million Wallets!

Grab our top-rated wallet at https://wallet.bitcoin.com

► Key Motors Dealership in North Queensland | Accepting Bitcoin Cash

► Elon Musk tweets about Bitcoin –

► Simple Ledger Protocol | Issue, Trade or spend your own token with Bitcoin Cash

Join the Developer Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/4rueDmm

Sources: https://www.npmjs.com/package/slp-sdk
SLP SDK: https://rest.bitcoin.com/v1/slp/list

► Nexo Lending Platform | Adds Bitcoin Cash

Find out more – https://news.bitcoin.com/nexo-lending-platform-adds-bitcoin-cash-support/

Check them out – Nexo: https://nexo.io/

► Book Recommendations by Roger
https://amzn.to/2OyiNjV – Frédéric Bastiat – The Law
https://amzn.to/2NKTa2r – Henry Hazlitt – Economics in One Lesson
https://amzn.to/2yCpag8 – Man, Economy & The State – Murray N. Rothbard
https://amzn.to/2JlnHzg- The Machinery of Freedom – David Friedman

Full list of economics books to read – https://forum.bitcoin.com/economics/blockstream-supporters-mock-those-who-study-economics-t49159.html

► Special Thank You To
Unwriter – https://twitter.com/_unwriter
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Jonald Fyookball, Ryan X. Charles and all the other brilliant bitcoin cash developers

► Coin Stats Direct | Crypto Chat for coin investors and coin teams.

Link: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/coin-stats-direct

► Citowise Wallet | Adds Bitcoin Cash, soon allowing users to Buy Bitcoin Cash in App

Source: https://citowise.com/wallet

► CardCoins.co | Buy Bitcoin Cash with Gift Cards

Source: https://www.cardcoins.co/

► Bitcoin Core | BTC blocks have been 95% congested this month.

Source: http://charts.woobull.com/bitcoin-congestion/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gavinandresen/status/1054355928445845505

► Spedn | Smart Contracts for Bitcoin Cash

Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/meet-spedn-a-smart-contract-programming-language-for-bitcoin-cash/

► NY Department of Financial Services | Approved the application of Coinbase Custody Trust Company LLC.

Source: https://www.dfs.ny.gov/about/press/pr1810231.htm

► Ross Ulbricht Petition Reaches 95,000
You can share the petition online to show your support for Ross and the team working to reach a new goal of 150K
@Free_Ross on Twitter, #FreeRoss on Social

Source: https://www.change.org/p/freerosspetition-we-seek-potus-s-clemency-for-ross-ulbricht-serving-double-life-for-a-website-realdonaldtrump-free-ross

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  2. Thanks Roger for the list of books that you read, on beginning of this video where you were talking about all books that u read, I was really thinking about how I would love to see the list, and then you started mentioning exact books and then u said that there is a list in the description! Awesome! 🙂

  3. I am a full support of BCH, not WHC. I am highly disappointed in you roger, i used to look up to you until you started shilling for WHC and refused to point out the obvious. WHC will turn BCH into a POS coin. Plenty of evidence to back that up, even statements from CSW https://twitter.com/ProfFaustus/status/1058219083320061952

    "If I have 10 bitcoin
    I lose 1, the money supply is 9 units. Each bitcoin is worth more.

    Total supply decreases.

    If I burn 1 bitcoin and I am issued 1 WHC, the money supply is now:

    9 BCH
    1 WHC

    Hence, 10 units.

    Bitcoin remains the same price but, value is moved into WHC"
    Lets not forget to mention that there are already millions of WHC tokens PRE MINTED.

  4. Larry Sharpe is the Libertarian candidate running for governor of New York. He is planning on de-regulating cryptocurrencies, and has a real chance at winning.

  5. The show is getting longer and more boring and repetitive. The format where you would present major news with occasional ORIGINAL commentary was way better. Will have to start skipping this, way too much time needed for way too little value.

  6. 51:15

    The price of BTC over the past year is +$29.89 (+0.48%).
    The price of BCH over the past year is -$24.26 (-5.52%)

    I got this information from Coinbase. I don't know what app are you using but the information you are showing is inaccurate.

  7. Ripple is slowly guiding that particular market in the direction of XRP…it was part of their game plan all along…XRP was designed specifically to be primarily used as a bridging currency between any two currencies. The ultimate aim of XRP by Ripple is to position XRP as the world's first digital global reserve currency.But right now in the crypto market, Excuse me to say Xrp is not going to skyrocket like before but will have a gradual but very effective trend more than 20K , also lot of people got into crypto because of speculation, and I won’t lie I was among those who joined the trade community because of speculative comments I saw on the internet and to be sincere I have been losing lost of money since last December day trading and also holding both shit coins and valuable assets also, but everything changed when I wads scrolling my YouTube videos, I came across a channel where high recommendations and accolades where given to Mr. Adams Hudson for his good trade guidance and strategy on how to trade, someone said he makes more than 6.5 Btc weekly with just 1 btc placed on trading daily, I was filled with disbelief but I contact him on and behold my first day trading, I was able to make more than what I have lost in crypto , over 5 Btc in seven days now, if you are still losing a lot and you want help you can simply send him request on his mail or Skype [email protected]gmail.com, and don’t forget to thank me later.

  8. bitcoin cash is not real bitcoin! These guys are tricking you into an altcoin! No one is using bcash, its an absolute laugh.

  9. Hi, guys!
    Thank you for the amazing reviews you're doing on the channel.
    I would love to develop the apps on BCH, but unfortunately, I didn't find any useful video streams how to do that no in the web nor on YouTube. The web full of Ethereum-Smart contracts and DAPPS tutorials(everything I found so far) but nothing is about BCH development. I think, professional tech guys, who will able to educate newbies on, how to deal with BCH programming language to build APPS and to answering the technical questions. This is what your channel really needs, I suppose. The great example Microsoft Virtual Academy -Free Microsoft training delivered by experts.
    Hope, I'll have a chance to became the student of BCH Academy in the nearest future.
    Best regard!

  10. what bothers me with bitcoin cash fork is mostly the way it divides a project that requires consensus to grow. it would have been pretty nice of the influential people in bitcoin who switched over to bitcoin cash to have taken a deep breath and use a maybe longer solution but less destructive. for instance, blockstream client is a disaster in terms of user friendliness, ui is terrible, and it is for the average people, complicated to get into. i think big blocks advocates should have won over the network by creating their own client with the same consensus rules, just a much more user friendly client, than it becomes much easier to get ur message across, like that it would be best to have bigger blocks until an efficient non linear scaling solution can be implemented and also show that blockstream isnt bitcoin.

    i dont mind bigger blocks if they are needed, i mind that we dilute the community that much before we even reached an acceptable level of participation. treason is how i see it, even if the disagreement is justified, even if the community would benefit, i think there were better ways to make it happen than to abandon ship.

  11. The main problem with Bitcoin Core / Bitcoin Cash is that we can't buy it (using CC cards) Mining doesnt worth it anymore (electricity vs coin mined). This is THE main issue with crypto. Banks block us, CC companies blocked us. Mining is the only thing left, but that's not worth it anymore. Roger, how about fixing it?

  12. Top 5 Altcoins
    Ethereum (Roger bought at $8 in 2014)
    Ripple (Roger provided SEED money for in 2013)
    BCash (Roger and buddies forked bitcoin in 2017)
    Stellar (fork of Ripple)

    Roger created the alt-coin bubble yet blames bitcoin for this because of high fees in 2017. This guy has been a closet alt-coin ninja since day 1, he was in the closet.

  13. Price @ Dec 31/2017
    Bcash $2350
    Bitcoin $13,520

    Price @ Oct 28, 2018
    Bcash $432 82% Decline year to date
    Bitcoin $6,400 53% Decline year to date

    Price @ June 1, 2020
    Bcash $50
    Bitcoin $100,000

  14. Who cares on Jimmy song he is just really bitchy having tantrums. And it was interesting when Roger challenged him in that BCH will be number one in 10 years and Jimmy basically said its too long away basically didnt care on 10yrs ahead. It shows he doesnt have long term vision for Bitcoin. And also im sure he doesnt care on long term as he wont be having kids as obviously he is a gay weirdo.

  15. Bitcoin Cash is dying. All they try to do is manipulate you with common domains like bitcoin dot com and others! Bitcoin is King and the other criminally underrated projects and currencies are coming for you! It's not to late to cash out your bitcoin cash and invest in the future dominating currencies!

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