Elon Musk absolutely outclasses Jeff Bezos


SpaceX from the past blow off Blue Origin from the future

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  1. I mean all I see is one guy selling bullshit and another guy copying and trying to sell the same bullshit

  2. The haters are trying to keep up with musk and they pretend he doesn't exist but we see thru that.

  3. Dude that reporters voice is kinda familiar… Wait… IS THAT THE GIRL FROM INSIDE EDITION???? I'ma go and check there vids if I saw the original one… I'll report cus u guys didn't ask the owner of the inside edition and if you didn't read the YT rules

  4. Idk. They've both made some impressive steps forward but elon doesn't trust his rockets enough to fly in them.

  5. Oh no one corporate billionaire copied another corporate billionaire. Good thing this billionaire isn’t like that one, he’s so cool

  6. I can't believe this MF president, doesn't treat this American as a national treasure.

  7. Lol so funny. Especially how Elon's hair went from a 6 to a 9 and bezos lost all of his

  8. I might check in with you my friends when I get home from the ether itself and we will celebrate the occasion with good will and the Titan project should start. Yes THIS passige is a speech on the new system in play.

  9. Elon musk is our good alien that's here to take us home.. jeff is a bad alien trying to destroy people with his amazon shit.

  10. Bezos is a warehouse worker. He needs to stfu and let the real genius work. Just give Elon Musk your money.

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