Elon explains why Blue Origin’s Starship lawsuit makes no sense


Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos’s lawsuit against spacex makes no sense to Elon Musk. This lawsuit will result in extra months of delay on the plans of returning man to the moon and possibly some extra hundreds of millions of dollars in modifications on the part of Elon Musk and SpaceX.
NASA Administrator Bill Nelson says he won’t be able to finalize plans to return Americans to the moon by 2024 unless a lawsuit launched by Jeff Bezos’ space business Blue Origin is settled.
Basically, Blue Origin has been arguing that the safety of all NASA machinery, assets, property, and life of astronauts will be at risk because of a fault of SpaceX.
For the first time since SpaceX’s rival Blue Origin sued NASA in federal court after losing the lunar lander contract to Starship and disputing the result, released records have now exposed the case that Jeff Bezos’ space firm is aiming for in court.
In short, Blue Origin appears to have abandoned the vast majority of the arguments it advanced prior to suing NASA and the US government and is now focusing almost entirely on the claim that SpaceX violated NASA’s procurement process by failing to consider a specific type of prelaunch review before any HLS-related Starship launch.
SpaceX’s Starship Moon landing plan is incredibly complicated, as Blue Origin has informed everyone within earshot for the past five months, and NASA is taking an undeniable risk (from delays, not for astronauts) by picking SpaceX.
Nonetheless, in a public selection statement, NASA’s Kathy Lueders and a resource review panel made it abundantly clear that SpaceX’s proposal was by far the most competent, with a much better management approach and technical risk no worse than Blue Origin’s much smaller, drastically less capable lander.
The majority of Blue Origin’s argument appears to be that the National Team Lander concept was severely harmed by the fact that SpaceX may or may not have planned for only three “flight readiness reviews” (FRRs) for each 16-launch HLS Starship mission.
Blue Origin and Dynetics proposed just one launch to get their much smaller lander vehicles to the moon, with just one pre-flight review each.
While much of the court docket is secret, the parties are presently disputing what kinds of data the judge would see, with Blue Origin requesting NASA emails and other papers and SpaceX claiming that those extra materials are superfluous.
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  1. Good Washington Post article entitled So, uhh, about jeff bozos’s cowboy hat … by Travis M. Andrews and shows what a joke he is. I'm surprised as bozos owns the post

  2. I think bozos is an idiot and FRAUD. Don't think so? Check a picture of him in his blue space suit and a 55 gallon cowboy hat that comes down to his navel.

  3. Even if SpaceX has any setbacks, they are still pretty much proven as the fastest, most economical and dependable option going for about any space job at hand right now… when the only hold up is really just being created out of the so called concerns which are being pushed through litigation by a sore loser unable to even qualify as being considered a real competitor… it basically really points out where the problem actually is. And even if something really unbelievable causes NASA to drop SpaceX… that just makes it easier for SpaceX to concentrate on Mars if such a void happens… either way, Bezos isn't going to change in his tactics or do anything beyond being a nuisance, I don't see SpaceX quitting and they certainly have plenty of other things to do… bald busy body billionaire drama queens or not… NASA needs SpaceX more than SpaceX needs NASA, and SpaceX knows they are getting things done better, faster, cheaper, more competently than NASA, BO, and the legacy aerospace contractors. Too bad some of the other smaller commercial start up companies don't have the financial backing to advance like SpaceX. The politics involved are more of a set back than the actual challenges of getting people to space… Elon will be going forward, no matter what destination he chooses, this lawsuit only makes BO look bad, and in the future, the contracts will probably be written in such a way that BO can't even be considered… you create your own karma, and when it's bad karma, all that can be said when that bad karma finally catches up with it's creator is… ain't karma a bitch!

  4. U can’t sue your way to ORBIT or the MOON 🌚 if it not about bezos then it don’t matter
    Space X is ahead because of the leader an the team they have
    No wonder blue origin workers an engineers leaving
    Rocket lab is ahead of BO


  6. If Nasa loses the lawsuit and has no other choice, then they should give the contract to BO with a non-negotiable specific error margin, delivery, and deadline requirements, and with the stipulation money-back guarantee including additional monetary penalties plus interest due to loss of time and opportunities period!!!

  7. He calls out SpaceX on flight rediness, when B.O. has yet to achieve orbit at all? He talks about delays when B.O. is years behind on promised engine deliveries and doesn't even have a working prototype for testing? Bezos needs to get over it. He lost the contract. Stick to delivering packages here on Earth, and leave space to the people who know how to do it.

  8. Bezos' (Justin Hammer) insistence on receiving monies from NASA leads me to wonder if Bezos isn't having financial problems personally or in Blue Origin.

  9. I think Jeff bezos should stop being a whiny little bitch and stop trying to tender humanities progress just because he can't have it. Maybe they focus more on developing an engineering and actually presenting a viable option NASA may actually take them serious.

  10. I cant believe Spacex is having to waste time because of Bozo – unbelievable that he is going to be known as the worlds best Blocker in the quest for space. Clearly he cant do it – so he just gets in the way. Get a life Bozo.

  11. may ask why there was no law suit before won contract from any one suing now or try ing why may ask yous this that

  12. I think that, should they lose… BO should be required to pay costs of both NASA and SpaceX both in defending the suit, but also costs due to delays to the contract. Seems only fair, since BO is asking for their legal costs to be covered should they win. And if judged frivolous — I think there should be massive penalties for such lawsuits.

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